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CPCE features the best sound accuracy of the various Amstrad CPC emulators


If you care about sound accuracy on Amstrad CPC emulators like Mr_Lou, you should know that at the moment the best emulator is CPCE (last version is v1.94 patched on 2th June 2011).

Thanks to this interesting discussion on CPCWiki, dont doubt that more emulators will have soon a better sound accuracy, a new version of WinApe may even be out soon.

Cpcdsk and the Caprice Reloaded emulator


Cpcdsdk is a project aiming to collect the various bit of existing sourcecode in one common place for the linux OS relative to the Amstrad CPC, add the missing features, and make life easier for all developpers :

  • The Caprice Reloaded emulator, with integrated assembler and debugger, for windows and linux,
  • gfx2crtc, a tool to convert pictures to the amstrad sceen format,
  • An imporved version of Ramlaid's cpctools, now running under linux, with (limited) support for usb floppy drives
  • A special version of STSound from Leonard, modified to emulate an AY3 more accurately (the original emulates the slightly different YM chip used in the Atari ST)
  • Hideur Maikeur by Downwater for handling AMSDOS headers
  • iDSK from sid for manipulating dsk images and files inside.

CPCE v1.92 by César Nicolas Gonzales


César Nicolas Gonzales released for his birthay (on 17th May, happy birthday, just a month too late) a new version of his CPCE emulator.

The entire "Ecole Buissoniere" (plus the secret part) works perfectly (it stopped working on v1.90), LPTCPC doesn't forget to calculate the sector size in 1-sector tracks, file extensions are lower case by default, the new AUTOTYPE option provides a more flexible boot method, better SVGA support for DOS and DPMI, Z80 dummy DD/FD bugfix ("Skateball.cdt" by Dlfrsilver), RAR archive support, the TZX direct recording block is now operational, Simon Owen's DSK extension for unstable sectors was added, a new debugger function (bytelogger), LPTCPC is now menu-driven, LPTPC has a Windows NT/XP port, LPTPCIO, the tape motor relay pause is emulated (Opera Soft tapes need it), there's a little Easter Egg for the WIN32.IMAGE_DOUBLE=1 mode... A new corrected v1.92 version was released the 2th June.

Next version will offer CPC+ and Gunstick emulation.

RFTM ! While reading the documentation, I just discovered that CPCE let you play on internet, one person acting as a server, the second one connect to the server as a client. I will try this and let you know about it later.

XNACPC, an Amstrad CPC emulator for Xbox 360 by Gavin Pugh


Gavin Pugh updated his twitter account, XNACPC is now working, an Amstrad CPC emulator for Xbox 360.

Source code will be later available, but it could take weeks or months.

CPC PC-CPC v0.1aq emulator and the ManageDsk v0.17 utility


You can download the latest version of the PC-CPC emulator and of ManageDsk v0.17 (.DSK file handling utility) by Ludovic Deplanque (Demoniak).

This last version of the emulator corrects 2 bugs, one about CLI use (command line interface) and the other about the 2nd joystick handling.

Mac-CPC v092 alpha, an Amstrad CPC emulator for Mac OS X


You can download the emulator MAC-CPC v0.9.2a for Mac OS X by Flynn. MacCPC is the C and Objective C port of his second Amstrad CPC emulator called WinCPC.

PC-CPC v0.1aq emulator


You can download the latest version of the PC-CPC emulator by Ludovic Deplanque (Demoniak).

This version corrects bugs and adds choice for color and green monitor, an assembler, the start of the CPC+ asic emulation.

The C64 emulator for Iphone is free for a short duration


Be fast to get the C64 emulator for Iphone free for a short duration.

An utility written in java by DevilMarkus : Cdt2Wav


DevilMarkus has written a new utility in java : Cdt2Wav, so you can use it on Windows, Linux and Mac.

For Linux and Mac users, launch the cdt2wav.jar with the following parameters : cdt2wav.jar -Xms512m -Xmx512m -XX:MaxPermSize=512m (or set all to 256 if you want only 256 Mb max. ram usage).

CPCemu v1.7 for win32/linux by Marco Vieth


CPCemu for dos by Marco Vieth was the first Amstrad CPC emulator I used. It exists also for win32 and linux, and the last version now supports other keyboard than the qwerty one.

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