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DSC #4, an Amstrad CPC demo by Logon System (Longshot and CeD)


DSC #4 by Logon System is their latest demo for Amstrad CPC released the 26th October 2023. It needs 128 Kb of RAM and works on every CRTC but the CRTC 1 will get a surprise.

Download DSC #4 on Pouet.

Memory Full, history of the Amstrad CPC demo scene by Hicks (printing done)


Last information was 9 days ago (13 October 2023), the books of Memory Full, history of Amstrad CPC demo scene by Hicks are now printed. All shipping should be done for October and should have already started.

Turbo Rascal SE v0.17, Pascal programmation for Amstrad CPC, 8086 and more


Turbo Rascal SE (TRSE) v0.17 is out. It's a complete suite (IDE, compiler, programming language, image sprite level resource editor) intended for developing games/demos for 8 / 16-bit line of computers, with a focus on the MOS 6502, the Motorola 68000, the (GB)Z80 and the 8086. TRSE supports application development for the C64, C128, VIC-20, PLUS4, NES, Gameboy, PET, ZX Spectrum, TIKI 100, Amstrad CPC, Atari 2600, 8086AT, Amiga 500 and the Atari ST 520 (complete list here). With the benefits of a modern IDE (error messages, code completion, syntax highlighting etc) and a bunch of fast built-in tools, it has never been easier to program for your favorite obsolete system !

You can join the TRSE group on Facebook.

The video below is a gorgeous Amstrad CPC demo programmed with TRSE : Morketid.

The Picomem card by FreddyV for all 808x computers in video by Rodrik Studio


The Picomem ISA card created by FreddyV is for all 808x computers and brings additionnal RAM (if you don't have 640 Kb), EMS memory, hard disk and disk drive images support, thanks to a Raspberry Pico (like the PicoGUS sound card). It's still work in progress. Rodrik Studio did two videos about the Picomem, one in english, the other in french :

Memory Full, history of the Amstrad CPC demo scene by Hicks (soon)


Informations about the availability (24th September 2023) of Memory Full, history of Amstrad CPC demo scene by Hicks : all the work will be sent to the printer this week, and you will received a message as soon as the shipping delay will be known. Then 80 kilogrammes will need to be shipped by the post office.

USS Cygnus 192 by Oneman, a new Amstrad CPC+ and GX4000 demo


A new production by Oneman : USS Cygnus 192, an Amstrad CPC+ and GX4000 demo.

A video is available of USS Cygnus 192 by Oneman.

How the Bad Apple was coded on an Amstrad PC 1512 by Rodrik Studio


A video by Rodrik Studio where he explains how he has coded the Bad Apple demo on an Amstrad PC 1512. At the start of the video you will be able to hear the music played with traditionnal music instruments.

Emotion Trouble, an Amstrad CPC demo by Madram


Madram has released a new Amstrad CPC demo : Emotion Trouble during the Revision 2023 demo party. All code and sound are written by Madram. Another nice demo.

Checkmate, an Amstrad CPC demo by Pulpo Corrosivo


Pulpo Corrosivo has released a new Amstrad CPC demo : Checkmate during the Revision 2023 demo party. The code and graphics are written by Toms and the music by Tom et Jerry. A nice demo.

Memory Full, history of the Amstrad CPC demo scene, tome 1, by Hicks


Announced on CPCWIKI, Hicks has written Memory Full, history of the Amstrad CPC demo scene that you will be able to order on Ulule. I just ordered one, will you be the 133th to order it ? With some more we could have 464 orders, maybe 664 or lets become mad 6128 (or plus...).

ST-NICCC 2000 DOS Port by Scali and FreddyV


The STNICCC2000 demo by Oxygene is a classic on Atari ST, which was ported on many other machines. In 2022 it now works on any PC with msdos, even on a 8088/8086, but a 80286 is preferred for a reasonable speed.

You can see the demo running on an Amstrad PC 3086 (video by FreddyV, see below) or the official video of the Revision 2022.

Veteran Megademo, an Amstrad CPC+ demo by Impact


Impact has released a new Amstrad CPC+ demo : Veteran Megademo during the Benediction Coding Party #2, for the CPM's anniversary. The code was written by AST, Sid, Demoniak and Kris, graphics by Demoniak and Kris, music by Madmax.

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