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New articles on 64 NOPS


New articles are available on 64 NOPS, a blog about programmation on Amstrad CPC by Hicks (Vanity) and Toms (Pulpo Corrosivo). There is a english translation of a french one by Tom and Jerry about musical composition software, and more articles about the FDC by Roudoudou (in french) :

ACE v1.24, an Amstrad CPC(+) emulator for MorphOS/Haiku by Philippe Rimauro (and new plugins)


ACE v1.24 is available. Since v1.22, this emulator can use plugins which emulates :

  • Amdrum (Cheetah) sound card which lets play 8bit samples, seen in ads a percussion synthesis
  • X-Mass IDE interface
  • Albireo card by PulkoTronics
  • MultiPlay : supporting mices and joysticks
  • Mirage Imager (a primitive Multiface Two)
  • Multiface Two (new with v1.24)
  • Nova by PulkoMandy, RTC and NVRAM support
  • Amstrad SSA-1 Speech Synthetizer
  • DK'Tronics speech synthetize

A SDK exists if you want to program your own plugin for the ACE emulator.

First beta of an upgraded version of Elite for Amstrad CPC by Fessor


You can download a first beta version of an upgraded Elite by Fessor which is available on CPCWiki :

  • Splashscreens 1 and 2 revised, Splashscreen 2 is now a showcase similar to the 16bit Elites
  • The mechanics of the BBC disk version, which reloads various shipsets, have been reproduced
  • In the savegames it is now noted which shipset is active, they are therefore incompatible with the officially published versions, so you have to start a new career
  • Routines for loading / saving savegames in order to be compatible with future changes to the game (encryption against program code deactivated)
  • Unused code commented out and a little over 1000 bytes gained. This may be enough to retrofit the two missing missions (Hunting the Constrictor / delivering Thargoid-Plans), but I have to take a closer look at that in the BBC code

RUN!, an Amstrad CPC intro by BSC and Rexbeng in April 2021


An information that I missed to relate in time : RUN! is an Amstrad CPC intro by BSC (code, music) and Rexbeng (graphics).

Rex has made a video with Corrscope of RUN!'s music.

New batch of the V9990 CPC Powergraph using a MX4 port


A new batch of the V990 CPC Powergraph card is available (card by Tecnobytes), 30 will be available with already 16 taken. This card is connected on a MX4 slot to be used on an Amstrad CPC.

This is not the V9990 Powergraph Light Rev 2 with built-in adapter by Tecnobytes, which is a MSX cartridge for MSX or Amstrad CPC which you can connect with the Amsdap (MX4 with a cartridge slot), see Prodatron's video in 2018.

Several programs are being written for SymbOS using this graphic card, including FlappyBird.

Beware this graphic card needs an analog 15 kHz signals through discrete RGB connectors (VGA, DVI-A, and/or SCART), check the 15khz wiki.

Amstrad Diagnostics ROM v1.2 by Noël Llopis (June 2021)


Noel Llopis has written an Amstrad CPC diagnostic ROM which is now version 1.2 and whose sources are available on Github.

Changes since v1.1 are :

  • fixing model detection
  • changing the RAM detection algorithm to be able to tell bad RAM from no RAM
  • Vendor and refresh frequency display
  • Detection of Plus ROMs (English, Spanish, and French)

DSK lib v0.14 by Impact, a golang library to handle dsk image file, and a CL


DSK lib v0.14 is a a golang library to handle Amstrad CPC disk images (.DSK) by Impact, coming with an command line utility (CLI). To compile the executable : go build -o dsk cli/main.go

A new version of Martine by Impact is available (v0.30)


Martine v0.30.0 is an utility written by the Impact group :

  • converting JPG and PNG images to Overscan screen or window for Amstrad CPC (and Plus series)
  • new tile map mode, which allow to analyze an image of a level game, and produce .imp and .til readable by tile tool from Impact

The last available version is v0.30 which was released the 14th September 2021. It is available for Windows, MacOS, ARM64 and linux.

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