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Cauldron's music on piano and organ by Grazia Pizzuto


Grazia Pizzuto has many videos of music of videos games played on piano and or organ, this first time enjoy Cauldron's music by Keith Miller on piano and organ. Organ is one of my favorite music intrument (saxophone also).

Space Debris ported on Amstrad CPC by BSC


space_debris.mod in a well known musical file for PC, to be read with Mod Master for example.

BSC did port Space Debris on Amstrad CPC and it's simply wonderful ! Well in fact this video is one year old, too bad I missed it before.

You can check his Soundcloud page.

New firmware v1.20 for the Picogus by Ian Scott for your ISA PC XT/AT


Ian Scott has released a new firmware v1.20 for his ISA card PicoGUS which supports the sound card Gravis Ultra Sound (and much more). This firmware replaces the Adlib mode with a SoundBlaster 2.0 mode where Adlib support is better, and also a fix for the MPU-401 emulation mode. The new firmware can be downloaded on Ian Scott's Github.

Mod Master XT v1.01 for your PC XT (player of musical modules files) on Github


The version 1.01 of Mod Master XT by FreddyV is available as source code on github.

This msdos utility lets you hear a lot of music modules formats on any PC even a PC XT (CGA), for example an Amstrad PC 1512/1640 or a PPC 512/640...

Waves and gulls with CPCBasicTS Unchained v0.1.1 byMarco Vieth


In 2019, Marco Vieth the author of the first Amstrad CPC forr msdos (now maintained by Rainer Lortiz) did release CPCBasic unchained which is converting a Locomotive Basic program of an Amstrad CPC in javascript to use it on a web site.

This version only receive bugs fixes, it's now CPCBasicTS unchained (TS for TypeScript) which is developped, and a new version 0.1.1 was released two weeks ago.

At least I have installed CPCBasicTS and the first exeample will be one of the best Locomotive basic program which will feel you good : sound of waves and gulls by D. CARDON which came from a french magazine. Modify the number at the end of line 30 if you want to hear less gulls, and click on the Run button to launch the program.

Play to Nebulus and choose your level thanks to Syx, also the remake


As announced on Twitter by Cepeceros Podcast, thanks to Syx you can download a version of Nebulus where you can choose your level instead of playing linearly.

Also the remake Toppler has changed its web address and is now version 1.3.

And to finish, two music remix of Nebulus :

Musik200 xmas 2023 xmas edition by BSC, an Amstrad CPC music disk


musik200 xmas 2023 xmas edition by BSC is a music disk using his sound engine presented in his demo Musik100 by BSC about which you will find more details on CPCWiki.

You can see and listen to this demo on Youtube (video by Xenomorph).

You can check his Soundcloud page.

No more little problems with this Amstrad CPC sound chip replacement by vRetro


The small compatibility problems for this replacement chip for the Amstrad CPC sound chip have been corrected with more releaxed timings. Instead of buying an original sound chip for too much money, it is more interesting to buy this functional equivalent AY-3-8912 by vRetro.

Replacing the original sound chip of the Amstrad with an AY-3-8912 clone by vRetro


Seen on CPCWiki, it is possible to replace an AY-3-8912 original sound chip (originals for sell are costly) by a replacement chip created by vRetro Design (better to put the chip in a socket after removing the original) : AY-3-8912 functional equivalent for 25 euros.

There is another replacement chip : AY-3-8912A-TS (Turbo Sound) but contrary to what was thought at the start of the CPCWiki thread, it isn't usable on an Amstrad CPC. It's only for ZX Spectrum and it offers 2 AY instead of one.

The clone had a timing problem but it has been corrected by vRetro on the 12 October 2023 as announced by SerErris.

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