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First beta of an upgraded version of Elite for Amstrad CPC by Fessor


You can download a first beta version of an upgraded Elite by Fessor which is available on CPCWiki :

  • Splashscreens 1 and 2 revised, Splashscreen 2 is now a showcase similar to the 16bit Elites
  • The mechanics of the BBC disk version, which reloads various shipsets, have been reproduced
  • In the savegames it is now noted which shipset is active, they are therefore incompatible with the officially published versions, so you have to start a new career
  • Routines for loading / saving savegames in order to be compatible with future changes to the game (encryption against program code deactivated)
  • Unused code commented out and a little over 1000 bytes gained. This may be enough to retrofit the two missing missions (Hunting the Constrictor / delivering Thargoid-Plans), but I have to take a closer look at that in the BBC code

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