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A bug with the REM command on Amstrad CPC 464 (basic 1.0)


The bug was found by Velus on CPCRulez. In a basic program, type the following ligne : 10 rem |era,"toto.txt" (on a french 464 the | is replace by ù). Next RUN the program or edit the ligne (EDIT 10) and validate with return. Last look at the progam with the LIST command, the character after the | (or ù) has been removed.

Kenshiro demo for the Amstrad GX4000 or CPC Plus by Cyrille GOURET


Kenshiro is a demo for the Amstrad GX4000 console or the Amstrad CPC+ computer by Cyrille GOURET about the manga Ken the survivor. There is a screen by Eric Cubizolle (2019) and two unknown songs (more later maybe for their name). The Kenshiro demo is available on Youtube.

Kilobyte Magazine issue 1 of 2020 is available


The first issue of 2020 of the Kilobyte Magazine is available for download.It's about 8bit computers, without Amstrad CPC specific content, but still interesting.

A physical edition of Space Moves (2015) by Retrobytes Productions


Space moves is an Amstrad CPC game written by Toni RAMIREZ and John McKlain for the music, edited by Retrobytes Productions for the 2015 contest. There is now a physical edition sold by Matra for 21,45 euros.

Daymo of the Tentacle, an Amstrad CPC demo by Pulpo Corrosivo for the Revision 2020


After Octopus Pocus in 2019, Pulpo Corrosivo has released Daymo of the Tentacle for the Amstrad CPC, which got the 3rd place at the oldskool intro contest at the Revision 2020. The code was written by Toms, music by Targhan and graphics by Barjack (link on Pouet).

WIP Atic Atac for Amstrad CPC by John Ward


Atic Atac is a classic on ZX Spectrum (Atic Atac on Wos). The game was written by Tim and Chris Stamper, it was published by Ultimate Play the Game (alson on the BBC micro) in 1983.

John Ward is working on a version of Atic Atac for Amstrad CPC (CPCWiki).

A first video of Atic Atac is available on John Ward's Youtube channel.

A speedrun of Target Renegade by Galamoth in 19 minutes 32 seconds on Amstrad CPC


Target Renegade is a beat them all game written in 1988 by Mike LAMB (code), Dawn DRAKE (graphics), Gary BIASILLO (music) and a cover illustration by Bob WAKELIN. It was edited by Ocean Software under the label Imagine Software.

On OursoN Retrogames's youtube channel, Galamoth is showing a speedun in 19 minutes and 32 seconds on Target Renegade.

Retro Computer inspired USB PC Keyboards and mices by Simulant


Simulant is selling articles for Amstrad CPC, including the WIFI232 which you connect on any computer with a serial port to emulate a Hayes modem where in fact you are using wifi, for connecting to a BBS for example.

But today where is interesting us is their Kickstarter project about Retro Computer inspired USB PC Keyboards and mice including the Amstrad CPC. For the moment, Simulant has the official permission by Acorn, for the Amstrad CPC it is WIP, see their kickstarter page for more informations.

Playing a MIDI file on an Amstrad PPC640 computer


An Amstrad PPC640 computer with only a beeper is not good at all for sound, except if you use a parrallel adaptator such as the Covox4 or the OPL3LPT. I will test it later when Mod Master XT par FreddyV will support it.

But there is still a possibility to have the best sound possible for a msdos computer by using the DB25 serial port (with a DB9 adaptator) and a DB9 to Mini-DIN 8 pins cable (DBK-103 by Hosa Technology) connected to a SC-55st Roland expander presented by LGR on Youtube.

In this video the sound only starts at 35 seconds so click on this link to avoid the start of the video which only shows me launching the msdos gsplay utility.

RASM v1.1 by Roudoudou, a multi platform assembler for Amstrad CPC


The last version of RASM is v1.1 (23th June 2020).

Rasm is now available on Github (documentation included).

This multi platform assembler (linux, windows, but not only like MorphOS on Amiga) let you program for Amstrad CPC.

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