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Tapes for CPCRetroDev 2016 productions were received, soon written


ByteRealms just wrote that they received the tapes to write the CPCRetroDev 2016 productions. Now we have to wait for them to be written and sold.

Video of the Amstrad CPC game La Aventure Original (Aventuras AD) by Retro Danuart


A video of the game Amstrad CPC La Aventura original (Aventuras AD in 1988) on Youtube by Retro Danuart.

It's a spanish text adventure game, an adaptation of the firt text adventure game on a computer in 1975 : Colossal Cave Adventure by William Crowther. The original game was ridden with enigmas and was considered as a difficult game. Dont get lost in a maze !

CPC Game Reviews by Nicholas Campbell, a new feature


CPC Game Reviews has a lot of reviews ... of Amstrad CPC games ! But now there are links to Youtube videos if any exists for a game. That's the occasion to go on his site or come back.

Prince of the Yolkfolk 2011 and Dizzy X - Journey to Russia by VK007, 2 remakes using DizzyAGE


VK007 has written lately 2 Dizzy games with the DizzyAGE engine for windows :

New batch of the Dk'tronics mouse interface clone created by Bryce and made by Talrek available


For 27,50 € (France) or 31,50 € (worldwide), you can order one clone of the Dk'tronics mouse interface created by Bryce and made there by Talrek. Be quick before they are all sold, limited number.

The video let you see this interface used with an Amstrad CPC+ and a compatible Logitech RX250 mouse with this interface. It should be found easily.

How to avoid anti-aliasing in pictures taken in WinApe (Amstrad CPC emulator)


There is a simple solution to avoid anti-aliasing in screenshots taken in the Amstrad CPC emulator WinApe. You have to disable the option Pal Emulation.

The solution was given by Roudoudou.

The 30 best arcade conversions on Amstrad CPC by Edward on Youtube


Edward is a french youtubber whose speciality is the history of video games. His last video is about the 30 best arcade conversions on Amstrad CPC.

Well, as some games are not that good, the best 30 arcade conversions are not the 30 best games...

The 30 arcade conversions are from the bottom to the best : Final Fight, Altered Beast, Street Fighter, Outrun, le Retour du Jedi, Gemini Wing, Ghots'n'Goblins, S.T.U.N. Runner, Cabal, Gunsmoke, R-Type (no mention of the Easter Egg R-Type), Super Hang-On, Paper Boy, Double Dragon, Ghouls'n Ghosts, Chase H.Q., Bubble Bobble (without talking of BB4CPC), Xybots, Gauntlet, Operation Wolf, Commando, Arkanoid, Kung Fu Master, Prohibition (Empire City on arcade), Space Harrier, After Burner, Smash T.V., Shinobi, Ikari Warriors and Renegade.

Top 11 of Amstrad CPC games in 2016 by Novabug on Youtube


Novabug presents his personal top 11 of Amstrad CPC games created in 2016 in a video on Youtube, over more than 75 games created this year.

So, his personal top is the following :

  • Outlaws
  • Dragon Attack
  • Out of this world
  • Defense
  • Coolbox
  • Imperial Mahjong
  • Jewel Warehouse
  • Hair Boy
  • Nibiru (using 8BP)
  • Magica
  • Chibi Akumas (Episode 1 : Invasion!)

Personnaly the best game for 2016 is Magica, but they are other very good games too for sure.

You can also see his Top 11 of Amstrad CPC games in 2015.

Omeyad by Ubi Soft in 1989, an Amtrad CPC adventure game played by JB le Daron on Youtube


The last Youtube video by JB le Daron is about an Amstrad CPC adventure game with graphics by Ubi Soft : Omeyad released in 1989.

The description given by JB le Daron and the test of the game on CPC Game Reviews should make you playing the game (well if you understand french of course). The story takes place in medieval Arabia in the city of Omeyad. You will have to meet several of people of the town who will give you missions to complete. Of course you will have to use objets to do that. The town and its people are reacting to what you do, which is rare in games!

The Legend of Anubis by Core Studio, an Amstrad CPC game (CPCRetroDev 2016)


I didnt write yet about all Amstrad games released for the CPCRetroDev 2016 contest.

The Legend of Anubis by Core Studio is one of these games (arcade). It was written by Adrian Gonzalez Herrera, Mateo Bernal Montoya and Jose Roberto Martinez Gras.

You enter an old pyramide facing many dangers and traps with one goal in mind, to get an ancient relic : the mask of Anubis, the god with a chacal head, governing the land of death.

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