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Becoming the next Titan with Multipaint 2023.02 ?


To make so beautiful Amstrad CPC loading screens like Eric Cubizolle (Titan), it's easy, you just need to use the same painting program : Multipaint by Tero Heikkinen AKA Dr. Terrorz, and maybe a bit of talent and mostly a lot of work.

Titan is describing Multipaint as a mmix of OCP Art Studio and Deluxe Paint for windows which offers the possibility of using the resolutions and palettes of a whole bunch of old computers including the Amstrad CPC (mode 0 and 1, overscan possible in mode 0).

Two videos presenting Multipaint (beware they are both from four years ago, so not about the latest version and features) :

Interview of Christian BALLANDRAS (Mandragore) by BDCIron on AMSnews


An interesting interview of Christian BALLANDRAS (co-writer on the RPG game Mandragore) done by BDCIRON is available on AMSnews.

Ninth Amstrad CPC score contest on Relentless organized by Border 0


Border 0 organizes his ninth score contest on the game Relentless (shoot them up by Axelay, Rexbeng and Tom&Jerry) till the 31st Novembre 2023. See the site for the rules, you will have to use the WinAPE Amstrad CPC emulator to record a SNR file.

Help Frédéric BELLEC (ACME) and participate for buying an A3 scanner


If there is someone who did a lot for the Amstrad computers, it's Frédéric BELLEC whose web site ACME is a reference.

Todays he is needing our help to replace his A4 scanner which is not well suited for scanning items bigger than A4. He wants to buy an A3 scanner whose model he choosed and you can participate to buy it on Leetchi (63 days left to participate).

Dust-free protection for your Amstrad CPC by Frédéric BELLEC (ACME)


Doh sorry for tonight but copy/paste the french text (hit the french flag up there to the right) in google translate if the photo below make you drool. Will try to translate it myself tomorrow, sorry.

To make it short, there are 7 models of the protection :

  • french, english and spanish CPC 464 (472 for the spanish one)
  • french and english CPC 664 (there is no Azerty 664, so the difference is just on the disk drive, both keyboards are Qwerty)
  • french and english CPC 6128

Price is 17 &euros; including shipping for France and 20 &euros; for Spain (shipping included too). For any other international shipping, contact him first.

Included in the packaging :

  • protection folded in its sealed cellophane
  • documentation for washing and ironing
  • protective bubble envelope
  • shipping with tracking number
  • a small gift to boost your happiness

For ordering, you must :

1) payment with Paypal of the good amount (number of order x price : 17 or 20) to fredisland at acpc dot me. You cant ask to reserve for later.

2) at the same time you pay on Papyal, you can leave a message, it's really important as you must leave your postal address, which protection you want and how many, or send these informations as a private message on Facebook or by email.

Frédéric will confirm your order (by PM or email) that your order will be processed (well if you leaved all the needed informations). As his original message was in August and as he has now the protections in stock, shipping should be quick but don't forget he is a one man show not Amazon, sometimes humans needs to eat, sleep, work too (Genesis8bit opinion, not a translation of Frédéric's words).

Dust-free protection for your Amstrad CPC by Frédéric BELLEC (ACME)

AMSnews, a new french site about Amstrad news since the 4th September


AMSnews is a new Amstrad news web site, which is open since the 4th September. Competition is welcome.

AMSnews is looking for help, but to be honest me also as this site is a one man show since the start.

CP/M is really open source now


In 2001 a limited licence for using CP/M was given to Tim Olstead (The Unofficial CP/M Web site) by Bryan Sparks who was (and still is) CEO of Lineo (successor of Caldera).

This licence has been clarified by Brian Sparks, CP/M is now clearly under an open source licence.

Source code of CP/M (different versions) is available, also their respective manuals.

You will find more informations about CP/M on John Elliott's web page.

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