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It's hot, lets go to the pool


29 degrees celcius, it's hot here in Coutances after the results of the contests, so because I am thinking about all visitors (at least me) who could use some water, here are 2 old photos which will provide some.

Madram in the water  Roudoudou in the water

ReSeT #0, dont get lost (go left at usual door)


Dont get lost when you arrive, the room has changed, instead of entering just after Eliot's car, go left and down.

Dont get lost, go left and down

Then, you will find the entrance with CPCists trying to make the new demo which will put in flame the Batman forever demo.

New demo coming out ?

So here is the new home of the ReSeT #0 meeting.

New room of the ReSeT #0 meeting in Coutances

Here is the part of the room where most of the work is done (teeths chewing).

Eat or work on CPC ? Eat of course !

I wont say that some people in this meeting are using a C64 instead of a CPC, I promise...

WTF, they are using a C64 !

And of course we have our own cinema room which was playing Batman forever a bit later.

Want to go to cinema tonight dear ?

Get your swim suit, because you will sleep in the l'aquarium (fish tank).

Sleeping in l'aquarium (fish tank), doh

Top secret place of your webmaster, with the webmaster certainly drinking some coffee instead of working on this site.

Genesis8 at work, without genesis8

Welcome back to Coutances ! Home of the ReSeT meeting


Welcome back to Coutances, home of the ReSeT #0 meeting, organized by the tireless Eliot. I arrived this Friday just in time for lunch.

welcome back to Coutances (France)

Sadly Eliot either doesn't own a watch or he still need to learn to use one, meals are good but never at the good hour that old men like me needs. So the meal started at 3:00pm with the first persons arrived.

first meal of the ReSeT #0 meeting at Coutances (France)

At least Eliot has one big quality, he is very courageous : he isnt afraid of Escherichia coli, just look at part of our meal.

not even afraid of Escherichia coli

Amstrad expo is dead, long live ReSeT #0 !


Amstrad Expo is no more, but rejoice as ReSeT #0 is the new name of the Amstrad meeting organized by the tireless Eliot.

As usual you can expect a warm welcoming, good food, not much sleep (except if you are a sissy and use a bed), 4 competitions :

  • demo : runnable on CPC6128 or 6128 Plus, without any extension
  • 4 Ko intro : runnable on CPC6128 or 6128 Plus, without any extension. Maximum size is 4 Ko (4096 bytes)
  • graphics : all formats/modes are allowed. The entry must be submitted with its viewer program runnable on CPC or Plus
  • music : any executable music on CPC or Plus. The entry must be submitted with its player. No size limit

CPC Hardware will be given for free at the party-place: monitors, keyboards, floppy-drives, floppy-discs... All the parts from will be available to repair and upgrade your CPC with the help of hardware specialists.

The ReSeT Party will take place from Friday 24th (10:00) to Sunday 26th of June 2011 (18:00) at Foyer des Jeunes Travailleurs in Coutances. The price is 11 euros per day for the entrance, drinks and food. You can book a double room at the party place for 20 euros per night.

Please use the ReSeT #0 site to register if you intent to come, thanks in advance.

Welcome to Coutances !


Welcome to Coutances, home of Amstrad Expo meeting, organized by the tiredless Eliot. Arrived Friday in the morning, 2 people already, myself and a distinguished member of Greece : Voxfreak.

Welcome to Coutances !

Symbos running on Eliot's computer with a symbiface and a Compact Flash card working as a hard disc.

Symbos on Eliot's computer with symbiface and Compact Flash card as a hard disk for CPC

Voxfreak (left) and Eliot (right).

Voxfreax and Eliot

The Amstrad Expo final exams meeting (June 2010)


The Amstrad Expo - Final Exams meeting will take place in in Coutances (Normandy, France) at Espace Jeunes (F.J.T) from 25th to 27th June 2010. Organization by the tireless Eliot, meaning it will be a great one.

Events will be :

  • Essay (Z80 - up to 128 Kb), is it possible for a CPC scener to release something in 2 months ?
  • Graphic art : 1) "MODE 2 is not a monochrome mode!", 2) "Small pixels are not beautifull"
  • Musical education : "Does Starkos give a better result than Amstradeus?"

IMPORTANT : this year, the productions will be released as files, no special menu !

You will see at the metting :
Symbiface 2 + HD + Compact Flash
Virtual Net 96
SDisk Floppy Emulator

Already coming : Candy - Beb - Shap - Hicks - Kris - Papy CPC - Pulkomandy - Targhan - Tom et Jerry - Voxfreax - Kawickboy - Garett.

Food and drinks are included in the ticket (9 euros/day) for all students. Some bedroom will be available at the exams place.

For more informations, write to eliot(at)cpcscene(dot)com

Another report of the Break Point 2010 meeting in the Hugi diskmag


You can read the diskmag Hugi 36 for another report of the Break Point 2010 meeting and the article about the Amstrad demo scene in 2009 by Optimus.

Amstrad Expo and Klassentreffen 2009 pictures


You will find pictures of the 2 meetings Amstrad Expo and Klassentreffen 2009 on CPCscene.

Amstrad expo 2009 meeting


The Amstrad expo 2009 meeting will take place from the 29th to the 31th May 2009 at the Espace Jeunes (F.J.T) in Coutances (50 - Normandie - France).

There will be 4 contests :

  • Demo : 3D theme
  • Demo : free theme
  • Games : free theme
  • Graphic : free theme

Cost for meeting, sleeping and eating :

  • Inscription given before 20th may 2009 : 8 Euros
  • Inscription after 20th may 2009 and directly on site : 10 Euros

Contact : eliot (at)

2 Amstrad CPC meetings at once in Germany and France


Two meeting will take place at the same time from the 29th to the 31th May 2009 :

Castellum secretum meeting 3


You can go on the Castellum secretum 3 meeting site which will occur on friday the 31th October to sunday the 2th November 2008 at Segré (near Angers, 49). More informations on the web site (in french).

Meeting at Coutances


Elliot once again is organising a meeting at Coutances (France, Normandy), from friday 11th April (after 12:00am) to sunday 13th April (till end of the day) at the Foyer des Jeunes Travailleurs (Espace Hugues de Morville - 103 rue Geoffroy de Montbray - 50200 COUTANCES). Rooms will be available and meals will be delivered at 12:00am and 7:00pm. Financial participation will be 8 Euros 1 person/1 day. A programming contest will take place as usual with gifts. For more information and to inform Elliot (eliot a t cpcscene . com) about the number of people coming, what you bring, when you arrive and leave, please mail him.

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