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Wiituka v0.98.8, an Amstrad CPC emulator for the Nintendo Wii


Wiituka v0.98.8 is out, an Amstrad CPC emulator for the Nintendo Wii by D_Skywalk (though web site mentions 15th May 2009). It features :

  • Bug fixes in libogc/grrlib with some TV sets
  • Page can be changed with + and -
  • Added option in XML to avoid connect to internet
  • Added internal mp3 player, feels the 80s!
  • In virtual keyboard now you can clean all binded keys using A+B
  • Participates in Scenery beta 2009

logo of Wiituka, an Amstrad CPC emulator for the Nintendo Wii

CPCrslib update, an Amstrad CPC library for Z88dk (C programming)


cpcrslib (Amstrad CPC library for Z88dk) has been updated.

Tile Map Areal. A virtual and a visible area are defined. Horizontal and Vertical invisible margins can be defined. With that trick it's possible to make the sprite clipping when disappearing from the screen. It's very usefull when scrolling too.

TileMapConf.asm: Two new constants defined: T_WH y T_HH. With them, the invisble margins are defined.

cpc_ShowTileMap2: Shows visible area instead of full virtual area. Usefull when scrolling.

cpc_PutSpTileMapO: New routine to make a sprite disappear from the screen when it leave the visible area.

cpc_ScrollLeft0,cpc_ScrollRight0: Tile Map Scrolling routines modified. cpc_ScrollLeft, cpc_ScrollRight: Decrapted.

Orion Prime available tomorrow 16th September 2009


Dont forget that Orion Prime is out tomorrow 16th September 2009 (french only, but english, german and spanish will be available later). If you ordered Orion Prime, you will receive it soon. Otherwise you will only be able to download it as a .DSK file the 28th October 2009.

loading screen of Orion Prime

Orion Prime available today


I am the happy owner of 2 Orion Prime (see below). Well 1 copy will be given there as soon as I find a proper contest.

As you can see the exterior of the box is really nice, and what you will find inside is as good as the exterior (very funny, but I wont say more). There is also an audio CD inside.

Orion prime did let me know that : 1) I have a dead CPC (thanks god, my MP-2F is still working), 2) I have a CPC with a bad video cable, 3) I have a CPC with keys which wont work anymore, 4) I have a working CPC, 5) I have a working CPC+ but with no 3,5" drive (which I already knew). Thanks Orion Prime :-) That said, I should have 1 or 2 more CPC somewhere else in my home, but I will do some archeology work later.

First experience with the game, graphics are nice (but we already knew that), the interface is simple and easy to use, the texts are loaded with a good sense of humor (any Heinlein lovers in Arkos and Les sucres en morceaux ?), and I know at least that I can open doors blocked with codes.

Box of Orion Prime

CPC-Topsites is back


CPC-Topsites is back, you can vote again for Amstrad CPC sites.


CPC Wiki is moving to a faster server


CPC Wiki is moving to a faster server.

Making Amstrad CPC music on CPC or PC


If you need to write some music for an Amstrad CPC program (either demo, game, etc...), you can do it either on an Amstrad CPC :

Or you can do it on a PC :

  • WYZTracker for windows (needs .NET v2.0) by Augusto Ruiz, an .AY (Amstrad and Spectrum) music creation utility using a pattern-based editor, spanish interface only at the moment, short english manual inside
  • Vortex Tracker II v1.0 beta 19, a Win32 PT3-editor, can load, play, edit PT1, PT2, PT3, STC, STP, SQT, ASC, PSC, PSM, FLS, GTR, FTC, FXM, AY (ZXAYAMAD) files and save them in PT3 format or in temporary text format. You can export modules into SNDH-format to play it on Atari ST, and into HOBETA (with player or without player), AY's ZXAYEMUL format, SCL or TAP to play it on Amstrad CPC ou ZX Spectrum, for more information go see Vortex tracker's website.

Also, it's possible without an emulator to listen to .YM, .AY and .AYM files with ZX Spectrum Computer Sound Chip Emulator (same address than above).

If you use other music tools, thanks to let me know so I can add informations here and in the comp.sys.amstrad.8bit FAQ).

Alien 8 remake for MSX2


After the Knight Lore MSX2 remake, there is also one of Alien 8 (still for MSX2) by Manuel Pazos (Guillian) and Daniel Celemín (LordFred).

They are both now working on a remake of la Abadia del crimen. You can go on Retroworks to see some pictures.

You can see a video of this Alien 8 remake for MSX2 on Youtube.

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