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Arquimedes XXI on Amstrad CPC 25 years later


In 1986 Dinamic Software published its second try text adventure game : Arquimedes XXI. It was also the the second comercial text adventure made in Spain after Yenght and, indeed, it was the first job of Jorge Blecua (Egroj) in this field, previous to other games as Don Quijote or Abracadabra. It was made in BASIC and Assembler as the comercial parsers didn't appeared yet. Arquimedes XXI is a Dinamic classic game only available for Spectrum and MSX, until now ! With the efforts of DevilMarkus, MiguelSky (for the adaptation on Amstrad CPC), PulkoMandy (french translation, main music conversion), voXfReaX (english translation), today you can enjoy this classic text adventure on your Amstrad CPC. It is available in French, English and Spanish as was Orion Prime before.

Arquimedes XXI loading screen  Arquimedes XXI hall of fame  first game screenshot of Arquimedes XXI

the Amstrad CPC emulator Winape v2.0 alpha 18 is out !


WinApe v2.0 alpha 18 is out since 2 days. This new version of this Amstrad CPC(+) emulator brings major sound and emulation improvements, full-sized AVI writing, debugger enhancements and a lot of other small fixes.

Gamebase CPC v21 and Matéo are out (litteraly)


GameBase CPC V21 is out since 14th July 2011. As is my new nephew Matéo born the same day at 2:51pm, the poor kid doesnt know yet who is his uncle (a raving mad Amstrad CPC geek).

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