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ReSeT #30, an Amstrad CPC meeting at Coutances in two days


The Amstrad CPC meeting ReSeT #30 will take place at Coutances from friday 29th June (12am) to sunday 1st July (6pm) 2018 in Normandy (Foyer des Jeunes Travailleurs, 162 rue Régis Messac, Coutances).

This meeting is organized by Eliot (Benediction). It's a success each year since 2000.

Whatever your interest in Amstrad CPC, you will be welcome. It will be the occasion to see previews of incoming programs and to meet other CPCists.

As usual there will be a contest.

More informations on ReSeT's site.

Saboteur 3 WIP by Cliff Townsend


After a remake of Saboteur 1 and 2 for PC and MAC, and Saboteur! for Android (which takes place between Saboteur 1 and 2), Clive Townsend, the original author of Saboteur is working on Saboteur 3.

The free version of Saboteur 1 and 2 (PC, MAC) has limitations (time, no saving of scores and progression). The full version costs only 2,99 €.

Arcade Game Designer v0.7 for windows x64 by Jonathan Cauldwell


Arcade Game Designer v0.7 is a windows x64 utility by Jonathan Cauldwell to write games for Timex/Next, ZX Spectrum and Amstrad CPC, without any knowing of programmation. It also exist directly on these platforms.

This new version adds : extra functionality, new tools, more commands, numerous bug fixes, improved editors, updated documentation and more.

There is a forum about AGD.

iMPdraw v2 by AST/Imp4ct showed at the Amstrad CPC meeting Reset 30


Released in April 2016, iMPdraw v1.2 is the last version of this Amstrad CPC painting program by AsT.

The version 2 will be showed at the meeting Reset #30 with fullscreen mode and Amstrad CPC+ support.

Other painting program exists : GOS (CPC+ only) and Claudia (CPC and CPC+).

Rick Dangerous + Colecovision = Risky Rick by ArcadeVision


The video game console Colecovision was released in August 1982, versus the challenger : the Atari VCS 2600 released in September 1977.

Risky Risk by ArcadeVision has been released just this month on the Colecovision. I already wanted to buy a Colecovision to go with my Atari VCS 5200, one more reason to do it.

Four physical editions of the game are still available.

Operation Thunderbolt with the laser sight always activated


An information three months old, to play more easily to Operation Thunderbolt with the laser sight always active (modification found by Urusergi), where it is normally a bonus you must get. It exists a CPR version for Amstrad CPC+ or GX4000 and for DSK version for plain Amstrad CPC.

The Amstrad CPC Reset 30 meeting has already started


There are already 8 people at the Reset 30 meeting, eleven other people will arrive later. And we have a guest from Germany : Kangaroo, already arrived (see the right of the photo).

photo of the Amstrad CPC Reset 30 meeting at Coutances

Keith56 is porting a msdos game (Grime) on eleven Z80 computers


Keith56, author of Chibi Akumas (episode 1 et 2), will be starting a 7 day programming marathon next week, remaking the msdos game 'Grime' on ELEVEN Z80 machines : CPC, ZxSpectrum, EP128, SamCoupe, Ti83, MSX2, Sega Mastersystem, Game Gear,Gameboy,Gameboy Color and also MSX1.

Write Amstrad CPC basic programs on Nintendo 3DS with SmileBASIC v3.6.0


You are a good programmer (or not), you got an Amstrad CPC and a portable Nintendo 3DS console ?

Then you really need SmileBASIC by SmileBoom (japanese studio) to program Amstrad CPC games on the Nintendo 3DS for the price of 9,50 €.

8BP v033, a RSX library to create Amstrad CPC games in Basic


Jose Javier Garcia Aranda has written a new version of 8BP v33 (8bits de poder : 8bits of power), a RSX library to write Amstrad CPC games in basic (26 Kb max). You can download 8bp on github.

This new version of 8bpbrings 4 new features, including flipping and pseudo-3D.

Eight Amstrad CPC musics remixed on the Youtube channel OverClocked ReMix


I won't write eight different news, so head to OverClocked ReMix to listen to eight remix of Amstrad CPC musics : Robocop, Ghosts'n Goblins, Space Harrier, Cauldron 2, Arkanoid (2 remixes), Dizzy the adventurer and Lemmings.

3D Fight by Vincent Baillet, longplay and music on a synthetizer


3D Fight is a shoot them up in 3D on Amstrad CPC by Vincent Baillet (code) and Michel WINOGRADOFF (music). It's a great classic that I finished if my memory is good. You can find an interview in french in the issue 19 of Pix'n Love.

You can see two videos :

Firmware update for the TZXDuino to load Amstrad CPC tapes


To load an Amstrad CPC tape (or a ZX Spectrum one), you can use :

In november 2017, a new version of the TZX duino was released with a percentage counter and a timer counter have been added to all screens, and in March 2018 the possiblity to do some firmare editing (type of screen, logo...).

You can buy the TZXduino in the author's shop.

ZEsarUX v7.0, an Amstrad CPC 464 emulator (other computers like ZX Spectrum too)


ZEsarUX v7.0 is a multi platform emulator, Amstrad CPC 464 included. You can compile the unix sources directly or get a binary for :

  • linux 32/64 bits
  • Mac OS X
  • Windows
  • Raspberry pi (raspbian)

A tiny Amstrad CPC emulator by Andre Weissflog


Andre Weissflog has written an Amstrad CPC emulator (and he wrote other such emulator on his web site). The source of this emulator is available, there is no tape or disk emulation, audio is emulated but no output at the moment.

Kimo-Hachi, a hand-made MSX, anyone done the same with an Amstrad CPC ?


An interesting information, a japanese engineer built a hand-made MSX computer, not with FPGA but with hard wired general chips, with several main board each one having the role of a fonctionnality of the MSX (one mainboard for video for example).

For more informations, go read and the web site of the engineer.

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