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Demo available of Adios a la casta 2 by 4mhz


After Adios a la casta, here is a demo version of the platform game Adios a la casta 2 by 4mhz, a spanish team. They also wrote Sardina forever.

Adios a la casta 1 and Sardina forever are available in a physical package on 4mhz's shop.

PCW-IO by Habi Soft, video and keyboard adaptator for Amstrad PCW


Habi Soft is working on a prototype adding on an Amstrad PCW motherboard a PS2 keyboard and video (PAL/NSTC). Also you can use a joystick and a mouse.

Check the youtube channel of Habi Soft.

Jewel Warehouse by EgoTrip, a platform/reflexion game for Amstrad CPC


Jewel Warehouse is a platform/reflexion game for Amstrad CPC written by EgoTrip. It use the development framework CPCTelera.

I havent finished it yet, but it is fun to play. Difficulty isnt too hard.

There is also a Nintendo DS version of Jewel Warehouse.

Another video of Jewel Warehouse finished by GiorVarm.

Joyce v2.2.9 by John Elliott, an Amstrad PCW emulator


Joyce v2.2.9 by John Elliott (unix and windows) adds support for the Electric Studio light pen.

Be aware than his web domain has changed, please update your boorkmark.

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