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Knight Lore ported by Habi Soft on Amstrad PcW16


Knight Lore released in 1984 on Amstrad CPC has been ported to Amstrad PCW by Habi Soft in 2020 (with color support). This year he is also releasing a version for Amstrad PcW16 (still with color support).

The Amstrad PcW16 released in 1995 wasn't compatible with the previous Amstrad PCW. It had a new graphical OS : Roseanne (single task, 640x480 using VGA). The word processor could read Locoscript but it was written by Creative Technology. The package also included a spreadsheet, address book, diary, calculator and file manager.

You can emulate the Amstrad PcW16 with tje emulator Ana Rosa v0.1.1 by Habisoft.

If you need help to finish the game, go see StrategyWiki.

There is a windows remake of Knight Lore by Peter Hanratty.

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