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New versions of WinAPE (Amstrad CPC emulator) and ParaDOS by Richard Wilson


At least a new version of the WinAPE Amstrad CPC emulator by Richard Wilson.

En résumé elle apporte des améliorations sur l'émulation du Z80, changement de palette, émulation sonore, support des cassettes, assembleur et désassembleur.

Also, there is a new version of ParaDOS, a ROM (for CPC old and +) used for disc and files manipulations. Source of ParaDOS is available too.

Beta of a new Amstrad CPC game by 4MHz


Adios a la casta (beta v0.99.3b) is a new spanish platform Amstrad CPC game by 4MHz. A video by Metr81 is available on Youtube.

9 Dk'tronics mouse interface clone by Talrek available


For 30 euros, you can order one of the 9 Dk'tronics mouse interface clone made by Talrek.

Merry Christmas 2015


Merry Christmas 2015 to all.

Happy new year 2016


I wish you all a good and happy new year 2016. May the Amstrad CPC be with you.

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