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Amstrad.EU new look soon


Write on your agenda to be free for the Friday 12th April at 21h00 (french time) to see first hand the twitch channel of Passion Jeux Vidéo TV for checking at the new look of Amstrad.EU.

Happy new year 2019


I wish you all and also to your loved ones a happy new year 2019, good health, and long life to our Amstrad CPC, PCW, NC...

A 32 years old bug in The Trap door, fixed by Nicholas Campbell, video by Novabug


The fixed version by Nicholas Campbell of the Trap Door is availble on NVG. It allows to finish the game which couldnt be since 32 years, whereas you could finish it on ZX Spectrum and C64. A robot had to burn slimies in a cauldron, and it's now possible. Novabug just finished The trap Door on Youtube.

https available for all genesis8bit domains


I just changed a problem which existed since a moment for all accesses from a domain different than ( for example). It's now correct for all domains, your internet navigator wont complain about a bad certificat.

Memory Full, the memory of the Amstrad CPC demoscene get some Push'n Pop content


Memory Full got a few days ago the authorization to put some content of the defunct site Push'n Pop on theirs.

It means for example interviews (No Recess, Voxfreax, Batman Forever team, Fano, Lotharek and Jeff, Wake Up! team, Ronaldo) and technical stuff (Zoom initiation, La genèse du Starkos).

Emmanuel Viau, creator of ERE Informatique, honorary member of MO5, some history and video


Emmanuel Viau the creator of ERE Informatique became a honorary member of the MO5 association.

You can read a bit of history about him (french only) and look a video interview of Emmanuel Viau on Youtube for about 2 hours (MO5 link here). The video was done in octobre 2017 by

Happy new year 2018


I wish you all a good and happy new year 2018. Good health for all you love. And also a year 2018 as rich as it was in 2017 for the Amstrad CPC, new programs, new hardware.

Merry Christmas 2017


Merry Christmas 2017 to all and a lot of new Amstrad CPC programs under your christmas tree.

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