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Waves and gulls with CPCBasicTS Unchained v0.1.1 byMarco Vieth


In 2019, Marco Vieth the author of the first Amstrad CPC forr msdos (now maintained by Rainer Lortiz) did release CPCBasic unchained which is converting a Locomotive Basic program of an Amstrad CPC in javascript to use it on a web site.

This version only receive bugs fixes, it's now CPCBasicTS unchained (TS for TypeScript) which is developped, and a new version 0.1.1 was released two weeks ago.

At least I have installed CPCBasicTS and the first exeample will be one of the best Locomotive basic program which will feel you good : sound of waves and gulls by D. CARDON which came from a french magazine. Modify the number at the end of line 30 if you want to hear less gulls, and click on the Run button to launch the program.

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