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Play Amstrad CPC games with an IR controle remote by Poulette 73


Why playing to Amstrad CPC games with a keyboard or a joystick (original or USB) when you can play differently : with an IR remote control ? It's what has done Poulette73 but you will need the RSF3 expansion by TMTLogic. And the programs must be adapted as you will see in two videos :

Poulette73 is presenting the RSF3 on CPCRulez.

The MegaLambda-x6(++) by LambdaMikel, a new Amstrad CPC expansion backplane with 6 slots


Michael Wessel is the author of several hardware expansions for Amstrad CPC which I let you discover on his github and Youtube channel.

His last making is the MegaLambda-x6(++), an Amstrad CPC expansion backplante with no less than 6 slots. You can desactivate individually each connected card. It features :

  • Six standard MX4 expansion slots
  • Passthrough edge connector (like LambdaBoard I, II)
  • Passthrough pin header connector (like MotherX4)
  • Keyhole in edge connector for hardware that requires it (e.g., DKTronics Retro Speech Synthesizer, ...)
  • Wide signal traces for good signal conductivity
  • Extra wide traces for GND and VCC - unlike other backplane expanders for the CPC, MegaLambda is capable of powering the DDI-1 and DDI-3 without requiring an extra power supply
  • Backplane powered from either the CPC or an external 5V power supply via standard barell jack (center polarity positive)
  • Double jumpers (for better conductivity) to select between CPC power and external power
  • Power LED (only) if external power supply is used - polarity check!
  • The 5V / VCC line of the CPC expansion port is physically disconnected from the backplane if external power is used; only GND is shared with the CPC
  • CPC Reset button

Several presentation videos are available :

Vexed v1.11, an Amstrad CPC puzzle game by Under4Mhz


Vexed by Under4Mhz is a new puzzle game for Amstrad CPC at the first 2023 semester. Match blocks and dont leave one or you must start anew the level.

Since the initial release, joystick support has been added in v1.08, so you should better download it again if you like Vexed.

Backbit Pro, a possible replacement for the C4CPC by Gérald ?


The C4CPC isn't made anymore by Gérald due to lack of time and exploding costs (x3).

But the Backbit Pro could be a possible replacement. Beware it's more than 100 dollars, but you also have the to buy the corresponding Amstrad CPC+/GX4000 adaptater :

  • the adaptater has a chip for ACID protection bypass
  • The adapters include a solderless jumper (one jumper is included, and extra jumpers can be purchased, required for ACID bypass)
  • 3.5mm jack allows connecting a BackButton (to move back in the menu without touching the backbit pro, some systems such as Amstrad require an included solderless jumper) or a GenAssister
  • Supports cartridge images (BIN/CPR) up to 1MB in size
  • Real-time-clock remembers date & time even after shutoff. Useful when creating new files or versions
  • One-button diagnostic mode helps you identify system faults (on most systems)
  • Upgradeable via MicroSD card

New firmware for the USIfAC II and ULIfAC by Ikonsgr


Ikonsgr has released new firmware for his expansion cards USIfAC II and ULIfAC . THe ULIFAC is the last iteration of his card which started with the USIfAC 1.

HxC Floppy Emulator Manager v4 released by NoRecess


The 4th version of the HxC Floppy Emulator Manager is available.

It features :

  • User can now edit up to 20 slots (previous version: 15 slots was the max.)
  • New UI, removed the old "demomaker style" presentation, now displaying more files on screen (with longer filenames)
  • DEL key added to move back to parent folder while navigating
  • The manager now skips DSK files when using a HxC SD/Slim device
  • The Help page now reports the firmware version + build date of the Manager
  • Switched compilation to SDCC 4.2.0 (resulting better Z80 implementation)
  • Now compiled using RASM from roudoudou (previous version: Pasmo)
  • Now compressed using ZX0 packer (previous version: the good old Bitbuster)
  • Smaller binary (11KB) resulting a faster load from BASIC prompt (previous version: 16KB)

It remains compatible with the 64KB RAM-based machines, and the ROM version is sdirectly available into the AUTOBOOT.HFE file.

Blocktris, an Amstrad CPC reflexion game by Under4Mhz


Blocktris by Under4Mhz is a new reflexion/puzzle game for Amstrad CPC, based on a ms-dos game.

It's a Tetris clone with some nice background images.

Vexed, an Amstrad CPC puzzle game by Under4Mhz


Vexed by Under4Mhz (I like the name) is a new puzzle game for Amstrad CPC. Match blocks and dont leave one or you must start anew the level.

I found a new way to play it, see below (well when I will find how to use the buttons as the joystick button, I am new to EmulationStation).

Vexed on a PiBoy XRS (Raspberry PI 4 inside)

A new disk drive replacement by Recalbox for Amstrad CPC, PCW and PPC


A new video by Oldschool is beautiful presents the new Recalbox hardware to boost old consoles and computers.

For our Amstrad computers, there is only an alternative remplacement for the disk drive of the CPC, PCW and PPC using the FlashFloppy firmware, so an alternative to a Gotek.

RAM upgrade from 512 to 640Kb on a Sinclair PC200 by Amstrad Retro Geek


If you have a Sinclair PC200 (PC XT) still with its RAM default (512 Kb), I invite you to see the video by Amstrad Retro Geek which shows how to upgrade to 640 Kb.

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