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Présentation by Retro Erik of the PicoMEM ISA card created by FreddyV


Retro Erick is presenting in video the PicoMEM ISA card made by FreddyV (FreddyV on Twitter).

This card is a must for all PC XT, even for 286, 386 and 486+, its features are (and more are on the way, see the github) :

  • integrated BIOS
  • less than 640 Kb ? You can fill up to 640 Kb (16 Kb granularity), it's possible to have up to 736 Kb of conventional memory
  • EMS memory (2 Mb)
  • up to 2 virtual disks drives and 4 virtual hard disks (up to 4 Gb). The images are on a SD card and can be created directly from the BIOS (recent feature)
  • USB mouse but you must use a USB OTG hub with its own power !
  • NE2000 network card support using wifi (it's better to be near your wifi router)
  • POST code for PicoMEM cards rev 1.1 and 1.11 with this Sparkfun screen

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