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Only two weeks left for the 4th Amscii compo 2024 organized by Logiker


Sorry for being late, but it's only two weeks left to participate to the fourth Amstrad ASCCI contest organized by Logiker.

Space Debris ported on Amstrad CPC by BSC


space_debris.mod in a well known musical file for PC, to be read with Mod Master for example.

BSC did port Space Debris on Amstrad CPC and it's simply wonderful ! Well in fact this video is one year old, too bad I missed it before.

You can check his Soundcloud page.

J'AI PÉ-TÉLÉCRAN, an Amstrad CPC demo able to show 4k on original Amstrad CPC monitor !


Benediction, Dentifrice and Arkos have released a new Amstrad CPC demo : J'AI PÉ-TÉLÉCRAN (local download) during the Revision 2024 demo party. The code is written by Krusty, graphics by Exocet, music by Targhan.

But the most astonishing fact of this demo is that it is capable to use a 4k definition on an original Amstrad CPC mionitor due to an unknown use of the Gate Array and CRTC. As you can expect, everybody at the Revision 2024 had their eyes who were popping out of their orbits. Sadly no actual Amstrad CPC emulator is able to show such a new feature, you will have to wait a bit for that and must at the moment see this demo on an real Amstrad CPC to enjoy it at fullest. It's no surprise that the name of the ZIP is GPTLECRAN (translated it means I broke the screen) as before discovering this ground breaking feature, no less than three Amstrad CPC monitors were definitively broken. But the result is worth this loss.

Ghost NOP, an Amstrad CPC demo by Pulpo Corrosivo et Futurs (Revision 2024)


Pulpo Corrosivo and Futurs have released a new Amstrad CPC demo : Ghost NOP (local download) during the Revision 2024 demo party. The code is written by Toms and Offset, graphics by Rexbeng/PA and Hwikaa, music by Zik.

Three Shades of Gray by Terwiz (Alumni), a PC demo in Hercules video mode


While reading Scali's blog, I saw this demo by the finnish group Alumni written by Terwiz : Three shades of Grey (local download) which is using the Hercules video mode which isnt often used (see video below using an Amstrad PC 1640). I invite you to see their other productions including Wild Scene which is an humorous video. I don't know but I feel I like this person, but why ?

EGX Martine's slideshow by Impact for Amstrad CPC+ (April 2023)


An information that I missed in April 2023, the release by Impact ofEGX Martine's slideshow for Amstrad CPC+ available on Pouet and here on Genesis8bit.

You can see EGX Martine's slideshow on Youtube in a by Xenomorph.

Still the one, an Amstrad CPC demo by Impact


Still the one by Impact is their latest Amstrad CPC demo for a CRTC 1 and 512 Kb of RAM, available on Pouet. Also available here on Genesis8bit.

The demo was made by :

  • AST (code, graphics)
  • Hwikaa (graphics)
  • Kris (graphicse)
  • Tomchi (music)

Musik200 xmas 2023 xmas edition by BSC, an Amstrad CPC music disk


musik200 xmas 2023 xmas edition by BSC is a music disk using his sound engine presented in his demo Musik100 by BSC about which you will find more details on CPCWiki.

You can see and listen to this demo on Youtube (video by Xenomorph).

You can check his Soundcloud page.

Xmas2023, an Amstrad CPC+ demo by the group Impact


Seen on CPCWiki, Xmas2023 by Impact is their latest production, an Amstrad CPC+ demo that you can download download here.

The demo has been written by :

  • Demoniak (code)
  • Kris (graphics)

All productions made for the Benediction Coding Party #3 organized by Eliot


The meeting Benediction Coding Party #3 organized by Eliot took place from Friday the 27th to Sunday the 30th October 2023 at the Salle polyvalente, 44 rue de la Poterie, Gavray sur Sienne (50450).

All productions made for the meeting are now available in a compilation with a menu that you can download there and soon certainly on Pouet too (link will be added then).

DSC #4, an Amstrad CPC demo by Logon System (Longshot and CeD)


DSC #4 by Logon System is their latest demo for Amstrad CPC released the 26th October 2023. It needs 128 Kb of RAM and works on every CRTC but the CRTC 1 will get a surprise.

Download DSC #4 on Pouet.

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