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MegaFlash available (a new 512 Ko ROMBOX) by Bryce


Bryce has released his MegaFlash, a new 512 Ko ROMBOX to be able to use ROMs like QuickCMD on your Amstrad CPC. You can PM him on CPCWiki quickly if you want to be able to order one.

The price is 75 €, centronics cable 7 €, edge connector cable 10 € and postage 5 €.

MegaFlash above a 3 inch disk  the MegaFlash ROMBOX 

PC-CPC v0.1at beta (Amstrad CPC emulator) on CPCWiki


CPCWiki is back after a few hardware problems, you can download on it the lastest beta version of the PC-CPC emulator by Ludovic Deplanque (Demoniak).

CPCWiki moving to a new server


EDIT : CPCWiki is moving to a new server, and not available yet on the new one.

The Oliver Twins web site (all the Dizzy games)


You can read the history about The Oliver Twins on their web site, they are the authors of the Dizzy games (and many others).

Boulder Dash XL on PC and Xbox360


You can read (in french) a test of Boulder Dash XL already out on Xbox360 (13th July) and on PC (end of 2011).

There are at least 3 possible gameplays :

  • arcade : easier as you cant be crushed, you have life points (no direct death)...
  • puzzle : more interesting than the arcade mode
  • retro : back to the original !

The Mystery of the Nile HD gameplay by Metr81


Metr81 is finishing Amstrad CPC games and put them as HD video on Youtube. I will now announce his video there (and add them a bit later in the games database).

The first game to be announced isn't well known by me : The Mystery of the Nile (El misterio del nilo) , written by Made in Spain, edited by Zigurat and distributed by Firebird.

What if the adventure game Maupiti Island was on Amstrad CPC ?


What if ... Maupiti Island has been made on Amstrad CPC ? Then we would have these nice screenshots made by Hwikaa :

1st screenshot of a possible Maupiti island Amstrad CPC game  2nd screenshot of a possible Maupiti island Amstrad CPC game  3rd screenshot of a possible Maupiti island Amstrad CPC game  4th screenshot of a possible Maupiti island Amstrad CPC game  5th screenshot of a possible Maupiti island Amstrad CPC game  6th screenshot of a possible Maupiti island Amstrad CPC game  7th screenshot of a possible Maupiti island Amstrad CPC game  8th screenshot of a possible Maupiti island Amstrad CPC game  9th screenshot of a possible Maupiti island Amstrad CPC game 

Bloc us, a new Amstrad CPC demo showed at Evoke 2011


A new Amstrad CPC demo has been showed at the Evoke 2011 demo party by Benediction and Brainstorm (Krusty, Voxfreak and Ultrasyd) : Bloc us.

result of the CAT command with the Bloc us Amstrad CPC demo  loading screen of the Bloc us Amstrad CPC demo  title screen of the Bloc us Amstrad CPC demo

JavaCPC Desktop 1.0 official release


JavaCPC Desktop is a brand new Amstrad CPC emulator. It is based on JEMU ( and is an extremely improved release from JavaCPC 6.7.

JavaCPC Desktop is designed to be used on Windows systems only, but maybe can run also on other systems, but a few features will be missing then.

JavaCPC is no freeware any longer! It's new license is "Donationware".

What does this mean :

  • JavaCPC and all of it's contents are free, and are allowed to be shared
  • It's available sources are not complete but you are allowed to use them
  • If you register JavaCPC, please also think about a little donation. (JavaCPC consumes much time in it's development)
  • The only legal download place is or also
  • Other people who wants to offer JavaCPC on their own webpages, please contact me under webmaster at

What is new, what can I expect as a JavaCPC 6.7 user ? JavaCPC Desktop is a completely rewritten emulator, which offers you a big spectrum of apps and tools. It comes with it's own desktop!

The tools and apps :

  • Integrated Z80 Assembler: Feel free to create your own programs in Z80 Assembler. Compile them directly into the CPC's ram.
  • Improved Debugger
  • Virtual Keyboard: You cannot find your key you need? Use the virtual Keyboard then.
  • Alarm Clock: A simple alarm clock, which reminds you when you have something else to do.
  • YM-Control: Record and playback your own YM files.
  • Manage DSK (Windows only!): Copy files from your PC on a DSK or vice versa.
  • Audio Capture: Record your favourite CPC sound as WAV file.
  • TapeDrive: A fully controllable virtual tape drive. Supports CSW, CDT, WAV and MP3
  • JavaCPC Paint: Paint your own screens in normal mode or also as Overscan pictures. Convert existing images to CPC format. (Supported import-Formats: PCX, TGA, BMP, PNG, GIF, JPG, SNA)
  • Mandelbrot: A simple app to paint Mandelbrot fractals directly on the CPC screen.
  • Tiled Mapeditor: You can use it to create game maps etc...
  • Poke Finder: A simple tool to find PEEKS and POKES to cheat in games.
  • Calculator: A scientific calculator which understands string input with brackets etc...
  • WebBrowser: A webbrowser
  • GameBrowser: Don't waste your time by downloading hundreds of CPC games without checking them! Just load them directly into the emulator and play them.
  • Virtual Floppy: A little thingie to see what your virtual disc drive does.
  • SubPopRadio: Listen to the best CPC-tunes available in WWW !
  • JavaCPC Chat: Chat with other JavaCPC users all over the world. (Experimental)
  • Favourites: Add and load your favourite DSK, CDT or SNA files with a few mouseclicks only!
  • DSK2CDT: Simple filetransfer to copy files from an existing DSK file on a new CDT file (Windows only!)
  • And much more !!!

Further questions ? Feel free to contact me at webmaster at

Arquimedes XXI HD gameplay by Metr81


Here is a new HD video by Metr81 of Arquimedes XXI, written by Dinamic Software in 1986 for Spectrum and MSX, and adapted on CPC in 2011 With the efforts of DevilMarkus, MiguelSky, PulkoMandy (french translation, main music conversion), voXfReaX (english translation).

You will find the multi-lingual solution of this game on the source of this news.

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