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Demo of Amstrad CPC+ sprites by Arnaud for CPCTelera, and about WinCpctelera


Arnaud Bouche is the author of Bitume inspired of Asphalt and Deeper Warrens inspired of the classic gauntlet with some RPG elements.

He is also the author of the WinCpctelera utility which lets you program quickly under windows a program using the CPCTelera framework which will compile also on Amstrad CPC with this CPCTelera library.

And it's with CPCTelera that he programmed a demo of Amstrad CPC+ sprites.

Richard Aplin's games longplay by Xyphoe with an interview


A night with Xyphoe playing all the games by Richard Aplin (Fly Spy, Shinobi, Double Dragon I and II 128k versions, Final Fight) including a longplay of Fly Spy), with an interview withj Richard Aplin himself.

Interview with Mevlut DINC, programmer of Enduro Racer on Amstrad CPC


An interview with Mevlut DINC on retrogamesmaster who is the programmer of Enduro Racer on Amstrad CPC (made in 2016). See a longplay video on youtube by Xyphoe.

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