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Throne Legacy v1.1 by Arnaud Bouche for Amstrad CPC


Arnaud Bouche has updated his game inspired by l'Aigle d'Or : Throne Legacy v1.1. This new version brings the following modifications :

  • New intro by CPC-POWER and TITAN
  • Game translation En/Fr/Es/It/De
  • Restoration of original Woman painting, being replaced by Prince of persia for cpcretrodev gesture
  • Remove lighter usage limit
  • Speed up player movement
  • Now life is lost by movement and not by time (prevent quick lost life in dark room because game run too fast)
  • Game map slightly changed, Shop is nearer and room of the cup is attached to the castle
  • Golden key cannot open doors anymore
  • Some text modification for better understanding
  • Old torches can be taken from wall (but caution there are nearly burnout)
  • Change stair down image because stair was not visible enough
  • Handle Fire3 for Suicide (as Esc key)
  • Many graphicals glitches fixed

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