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Humble Bundle : Giana Sisters Twisted Dreams pour windows


You have still 3 days to be able to buy Giana Sisters Twisted Dreams on Humble Bundle (weekly). Nine dollars will be enough to get it, and money goes to charities.

Nice music by the way.

Life of Pixel, a windows platform game, but multi platform inside...


Life of Pixel is an original windows platform game as it lets you play in worlds of retro computers : ZX81, ZX Spectrum, C64, Amstrad CPC of course and many more.

Pac-Man v1.1 (emulator of the orignal arcade game) on Amstrad CPC by Syx and TotO


Two years ago Syx et TotO released an emulation of the original arcade ROM of Pac Man.

Today it's a new version of Pac-Man for Amstrad CPC with a speed bump, to let you play this classic game with more pleasure.

You will need 128 Kb and to import the original arcade roms inside the .DSK with an utility.

This Pac-Man emulator for Amstrad CPC is based on the work by Simon Owen for Sam Coupe and ZX Spectrum.

loading screen of the Pac-Man Arcade game on an Amstrad CPC

Everything looks better in scanlines


Today with the LCD screens, the Amstrad CPC emulators don't display the same result than with a real Amstrad CPC and a Cathodic Ray Tub (CRT) television.

So Alex76gr has created a collection of 75 loading screens pictures of Amstrad CPC games with a scanline effect (1536x1080 resolution).

However adding scanlines isnt enough to looks like a CRT television set.

Winape and Caprice32 are 2 Amstrad CPC emulators which can provide a CRT rendering.

CDT2WAV v1.3 by DevilMarkus, an utility to read .WAV on a real Amstrad CPC


A new version (v1.3) of the CDT2WAV utility (windows/linux/mac) by DevilMarkus.

It let you use resulting .WAV on a real CPC with a tape drive or a MP3 player.

For Linux and Mac users, launch the cdt2wav.jar with the following parameters : cdt2wav.jar -Xms512m -Xmx512m -XX:MaxPermSize=512m (or set all to 256 if you want only 256 Mb max. ram usage).

8bit Game of Thrones Remix on NESKeytar


A 8bit musical remix of Games of Thrones (George R.R. Martin) on Youtube which sounds Amstrad CPCish.

And by the way, if you like George R.R. Martin (who write on an old msdos computer with the wordstar word processing), I suggest to read the Wild Cards serie. It's about an extra terrestrial virus released on New York in 1946. This virus kills almost everyone touched by it (black queen), some still lives but becomes jokers : monsters with sometimes a superpower more or less effective. And for only a few they become aces : super heroes, or deuces if their power is not really that useful. It's a must read.

Recent Amstrad CPC videos on Youtube by CholoCPC, Xyphoe and Metr81


CPC Game Reviews's update and a new Amstrad CPC reflexion game : Kamyzol


There is an update on CPC Game Reviews talking about the last Crackers Velus program, a reflexion game (taquin like) called Kamyzol.

The goal of the game is to move the red piece toward the exit by moving all others pieces with a twist, they can be moved only horizontally or vertically.

loading screen of the Amstrad CPC reflexion game : Kamyzol menu screen of the Amstrad CPC reflexion game : Kamyzol game screenshot of the Amstrad CPC reflexion game : Kamyzol

Sundance, an Amstrad CPC demo by Slipstream released at the Sundown Party 2014


Slipstream is first an Amiga demo group , but for the Sundown demo party 2014, they released an Amstrad CPC demo : Sundance.

Code and animations are written by Devilmarkus (author of JavaCPC), graphics by TCM and music by BEX.

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