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Test of Klax by ChinnyVision


A new video by ChinnyVision on Youtube about Klax is available. This reflexion game was out on Amstrad CPC in 1990 by Domark.

He also tests it on Amiga, ST, Sega Master System, ZX Spectrum, MSX and C64.

On an Amstrad CPC+, the only differences are a new title screen, some sound effects and a rather nice fade effect between screens.

Amstrad CPC X-Mass, ACMEDOS and YANCC (by SOS)


Everybody knows the hardware interfance X-Mass by ToTO for Amstrad CPC, a MX4 mass storage expansion with 128 Mb of flash for storing files on your beloved computer.

AcmeDOS is an Amstrad CPC ROM which lets you use the Microsoft FAT file system with the X-Mass.

YANCC (Yet Another Norton Command Clone) is a text interface to manage your files on the X-Mass and the AcmeDOS ROM with an interface not unknown to olders : ms-dos and norton (or linux and midnight commander).

Double Dragon 4 on PC (Steam) and Sony PS4 the 30th January


A teaser for Double Dragon 4 is available on Youtube. The game will be out the 30th January on PC (Steam) and Sony PS4 console.

2016 Favourite demoscene productions by 4Sceners and Bitfellas


4Sceners and Bitfellas published their favourite demoscene productions for the year 2016 :

  • 3rd place for the best music disk : CPC vs Virgill by TRSI
  • 2nd place for the best game : Pinball Dreams preview by Batman Group
  • 7th place for the best game : Outlaws

BDCIron testing Amstrad CPC games on Youtube


Thanks to the Amstrad CPC music disk CPC vs Virgill (TRSI, 2016), I found the Youtube channel of BDCIron where he is testing Amstrad CPC games. Last test was done on the 11th January :

  • Skweek
  • Wizball
  • Mega Phenix
  • Impossaball
  • 3D Fight
  • Burnin Rubber

Test of the Amstrad CPC game Yie Ar Kung Fu 2 (Imagine) by ChinnyVision


A new video by ChinnyVision on Youtube about Yie Ar Kung Fu 2 is available. This arcade fighting game was out on Amstrad CPC in 1986 by Imagine.

He also tests it on MSX, BBC, C64 and Sinclair Spectrum.

Honestly the game was ugly and not good, whereas the first version was really nice like the arcade game.

An Amstrad CPC 6128 upgraded to 4 Mb of RAM by Zaxon


Zaxon has upgraded his Amstrad CPC 6128 with 4 Mb of RAM internally and play on it the video of Take on Me by A-ha.

Go to 1mn10 of the video to see the interior of the modded Amstrad CPC.

Prototype of an IDE hard drive working on an Amstrad PCW 9256 by JonB


JonB wrote an IDE driver for CPM PLUS on Amstrad PCW 9256, with a hardware prototype.

He wants to know before making boards if other persons are interested. If you are, please click on the source link below (CPCWiki's forum).

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