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RASM v0.86 by Roudoudou, an assembler/disassembler (multi platform) for Amstrad CPC


The last version of RASM is v0.86 (27th April 2018). This multi platform assembler/disassembler (linux, windows, but not only like MorphOS on Amiga) let you program for Amstrad CPC.

iMPdos Public Edition v1.17 for the X-Mass mass storage card by AST/iMPACT


iMPdos Public Edition v1.17 by AST/iMPACT is available, a ROM for using the X-Mass extension card made by Toto. It must be installed as ROM 1 to 6, before the ROM 7 ! When the ROM is installed, iMPdos detects the X-Mass and format it. Dont forget to use the |hlp command for documentation.

RASM v0.81 by Roudoudou, an assembler/disassembler (Linux/Windows) for Amstrad CPC


The last version of RASM is v0.81 (5th April 2018) :

- added special maxam priorities for parenthesis and boolean operators

WIP IMPDOS by AST, an Amstrad CPC ROM for the XMASS mass storage extension card


CubeIOS is out, but AST is still working on his ACMEDOS replacement : IMPDOS for the mass storage extension card XMASS.

New version 130318b of YANCC by SOS for the XMASS extension card


A new version of YANCC (Yet Another Norton Command Clone) is available (130318b). It's a text interface to manage your files on the X-Mass and the AcmeDOS ROM with an interface which looks like norton commander or midnight commander).

  • Fixed Unwanted starts of YANCC during Warm-Reset (e. g. Monty on the Run)
  • In rare circumstances, some files are copied empty.
  • In rare circumstances, the ROM-Init of YANCC makes nonsense... (e.g. in "12 Lost Souls")
  • CubeIOS bugfix

It's this new version which is needed if you want to use the new ROM CubeIOS which replaces ACMEDOS.

CubeIOS, a FAT16,32 IDE-OS ROM for the Amstrad CPC's with XMASS


The XMASS mass storage extension card can now be used with another ROM, that is CubeIOS :

  • Detect (nearly) all Fat16+Fat32-Partitions on your CF-Card, DOM, etc. (1st Partition please). Prefered is Fat32 (should be faster with Save-Commands). You can format the media with e.g. Windows and fill it with data.
  • Partial longnames.
  • the usual RSX like |MD, |RD, |REN,....
  • |DIR + |CD accepts wildcards
  • Compatibility should be high (i hope so ;) ) - but i'm playing around with a lower-rom-patch to increase compatibility.

The ROM must be placed below AMSDOS and (if used) M4DOS, PARADOS. It's not compatible with ACMEDOS at the same time. YANCC-User should be update to the latest version.

CubeIOS for Amstrad CPC and XMASS

RASM v0.77 by Roudoudou, an assembler/disassembler (Linux/Windows) for Amstrad CPC


The last version of RASM is v0.77 (31th March 2018) :

- even faster expression calculation
- maxam and AS80 comparison operators are back

Using Telnet with your Amstrad CPC and the wifi M4 Board by Duke


After chess, the wifi M4 Board has another use : connecting to internet with the telnet protocol (beware, it's not secured) thanks to Duke who programmed it for his wifi M4 Board.

BBS Terminal by Glenn Wilton, based on Ansiterm by Ewen McNeill : RS232 communication


Arnoldemu uploaded BBS Terminal by Glenn Wilton on CPCWiki. It's a communication utility to connect on BBS (Bulletin Board System) with a RS-232 hardware. BBS Terminal is based on Ansiterm by Ewen McNeill. Arnoldemu intent to modify BBS Terminal to be able to use the wifi interface by Duke.

RASM v0.73 by Roudoudou, an assembler/disassembler (Linux/Windows) for Amstrad CPC


The last version of RASM is v0.73 (28th February 2018) :

- bugfix in snapshot when using distinct banks instead of gathering them with bankset directive

RASM v0.69 by Roudoudou, an assembler/disassembler (Linux/Windows) for Amstrad CPC


The last version of RASM is v0.69 (15th February 2018) :

  • added $ prefix for hex values
  • added 0xb prefix for binary values
  • added shifting operators << and >>
  • EDSK update/generation improvements (make backups before use!)

RASM v0.68 by Roudoudou, an assembler/disassembler (Linux/Windows) for Amstrad CPC


The last version of RASM is v0.68 (7th February 2018) :

- Morphos compatibility code
- some error messages modified
- breakpoint in snapshot with BRKC chunk for ACE emulator
- shorter splash text
- unused var cleanup
- includes or incbin in a disabled section won't warn anymore if file does not exists

New version of FutureOS, an operating system for Amstrad CPC


A new version of FutureOS, an operating system for Amstrad CPC is available on the web site, programmed this time not by TFM but by Gunhed.

- Plus Version: Debugged and Interface enhanced. ROM C compressed
- Interrupt Mode 2 Management enhanced. Code compressed in ROM D
- Support for MultiPlay enhanced. Sign on messages adapted. Now only ROM A is active, ROMs B-D are set inactive
- Interrupt Mode 2 Entry put at address &FCFC in ROM's A, B and C (D needs to be compressed first)
- Support for Speech Synthesisers added (LambdaSpeak, SSA-1 and dk'tronics)
- Enhanced System Stability: A click on the RUN Icon (or hotkey e<X>ecute) will deactivate the <I> Icon. Few bytes saved
- New feature: Auto-DIR added, every click at device icon reads DIRs. Initialization string moved to fixed address
- OS function EXCP improved. Later this year ... ;-) ... ConfigOS / KonfigOS updated
- Added OS function R_PS2 to read SF2 PS2 mouse X, Y, five buttons and scroll wheel. Data in YL, YH, D and E
- FutureOS XROMs "TOOL-DEU.ROM" and "TOOL-ENG.ROM" updated (new versions of KonfigOS/ConfigOS and OS-Infos)
- Bug in OS function EGEN_HD corrected, which was introduced after OS system 0.5 - relevant only for Dobbertin HD20
- KonfigOS / ConfigOS utilities debugged. Now they work with everything :-)
- Function added for adaption of hard coded ROM number in ROM files on disc. With checksum update. Needed for EPROMs

X17, an Amstrad CPC+ or GX4000 demo as a cartridge by AST/iMPACT


Released in December 2017, X17 by AST/iMPACT is a new demo as a cartridge for Amstrad CPC+ or GX4000, available on Youtube.

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