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Fourth release of CHIPNSFX by CNGSoft, a multi-platform tracker and player for Z80 systems


Fourth release of CHIPNSFX tracker+player suite by CNGSoft : new command Control-D tells whether the current instrument is unused or the current pattern is a duplicate (Shift: erase unused instrument, turn current pattern into a link to the pattern it is a duplicate of). Minor bugfixes: inconsistencies in -P mode and in channel toggling, better compression when generating INCLUDE files, etc. Minor changes in several songs. New DESPERA1.CHP.

Third release of CHIPNSFX by CNGSoft, a multi-platform tracker and player for Z80 systems


Third release of CHIPNSFX tracker+player suite by CNGSoft : new command line options -P (cursor follows playback), -k1, -k2 and -k STR (set QWERTZ, AZERTY or custom keyboard map), following a suggestion from Beb..

Ingame music for El Linaje Real (ESP Soft) by McKlain on Soundcloud


You can listen to the ingame music by McKlain of El Linaje Real by ESP Soft on Soundcloud.

New release of CHIPNSFX by CNGSoft, a multi-platform tracker and player for Z80 systems


Second release of CHIPNSFX tracker+player suite by CNGSoft : new command line options -F (48000 Hz) and -L (linear amplitude). A blue bar makes the active items stand out. Minor changes in the documentation file.

Amstrad Sang pour Sang by Zisquier, the Amstrad CPC music with some metal added in it


Thanks to the Facebook CPC 464 / 664 / 6128 group, I stumbled on the r Zisquier youtubber who dont hesitate to remix Amstrad CPC music in metal mode. Will you recognize Barbarian, Nebulus and Antiriad ?

Dont hesitate to look for his other gameplay videos of Amstrad CPC games.

CHIPNSFX tracker+player suite by CNGSoft, a multi-platform tracker and player for Z80 systems


CHIPNSFX tracker+player suite is a musical software suite focused on lightweight code and data (the player itself is under 950 bytes long, and can be as small as 550 bytes) for the Amstrad CPC, Sinclair Spectrum 128 and MSX1 platforms; other hardwares can be supported with minor modifications in the player code, such as Sega Master System. The tracker can create songs up to 256 patterns long, patterns can be up to 96 ticks long, and there can be as many as 255 different instruments. The player itself is hardware-independent, the programmer can provide the external functions required to make it work on any Z80-based platform. CHIPNSFX was succesfully used in past projects such as :

screenshot of the CHIPNSFX tracker by CNGSoft

Some sweet music tonight ? Three remix of Thanatos for the price of one (piano and guitar) !


Thanatos remixed by DJ ThumpHeadAche is a superb adaptation of the Thanatos music, you should really listen to it.

Already mentionned in 2011, a beautiful play of Thanatos on piano by Alpiso is quite a hit too (Alpiso Youtube's channel has more Amstrad CPC tunes).

Warming some old 2011 news is still useful, the next link wasnt good in 2011 (corrected now), so what about listening to a Thanatos guitar arrangement played by Pacopersia this time ?

For the longplay video by cholo go to :

loading screen of the Amstrad CPC game Thanatos

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The Gemini chiptune collection by Sutekh (Epyteor), composed by Gemini/Insane


Sutekh (Epypteor) wrote another music disk : The Gemini chiptune collection, the music is composed by Gemini (Insane). There are 6 tunes.

menu of the Amstrad CPC music disk the Gemini chiptune collection by Sutekh

Remix of the Target Renegade music by SuTeKH (Epyteor) from the C64 game


SuTeKH (Epyteor) wrote a remix of the Target Renegade music from the C64 game, available on John Gage's Youtube channel.

A new remake of the Ramparts music by Noisywan (work in progress)


He is back : Ömer Aydin (Noisywan), the author of several Amstrad CPC musics (see below). This time with a new remake being written of Ramparts.

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Amstrad CPC teaser for Arkos Tracker v2, a soundtrakker for PC and Mac by Targhan (Arkos)


Targhan has done many things, two are an Amstrad CPC soundtrakker (STarKos) and a PC soundtrakker (Arkos Tracker).

Today the news are good, a teaser for a new version (v2) of Arkos Tracker as an Amstrad CPC intro with a 9 channels music song, a conversion of a Rob Hubbard music. To listen to the 9 channels, you need a PlayCity sound card or an emulator like JavaCPC Desktop (check PlayCity on misc tab of preferences).

Arkos Tracker v2 will feature :

  • works on windows, linux and mac
  • play both psg and sample sounds
  • unlimited channels
  • overhauled interface
  • 4 effect columns per tracker
  • arpeggios and pitches inside tracks
  • slow pitch and glide fxs
  • import from AT1, SKS, 129, WYZ and MOD
  • export to binary or sources
  • any freq from each psg
  • subsongs
  • new format called AKY allows replay from 7 to 12 scanlines for 3 channels with a much better compression ratio than YM players

The code of this teaser is written by Targhan, font by Super Sylvestre.

first screen of the teaser for Arkos Tracker by Targhan

JB le Daron, Adventure 2 on Youtube, and an april fool on which I stumbled


Well CPC 4 Ever was an april fool. I fell for it nicely.

You still got the Amstrad CPC music announced on the site above played nicely on piano (done in two nights).

The game this time is an adventure graphic game in french, written in basic (hard to play without reading the listing) : Adventure 2 ou l'accusation. There is no relation to Adventure 1 ou la grotte also by Ludovic MABILLOT (Ludo's Software Distribution). JB le Daron prefered the first game to the second.

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