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WIP of Athanor 2 by Eric Safar, a music tune by Hervé Monchatre


After the revelation of the game box of Athanor 2, here is a music tune by Hervé Monchatre.

Between McKlain and him, we can talk about ubiquity in the Amstrad CPC productions.

WIP of Athanor 2 by Eric Safar, big box and cover


After the first Athanor (graphical adventure game), Eric Safar is working on Athanor 2 since 2015. The box of the game has been done this summer 2017 (illustration by Angel Bautista), now it's the production of the manual and the material clues.

illustration of the graphical adventure game Athanor 2 by Eric Safar  box of the graphical adventure game Athanor 2 by Eric Safar

The shadows of Sergoth, a dungeon crawler for Amstrad CPC


The shadows of Sergoth is a new dungeon crawler in development for the Amstrad CPC 6128. The level shown in this youtube video of The Shadows of Sergoth are not the definite ones, and there is still a lot of things to add, like sounds, monsters, puzzles,...

The game is developped by :

  • Chris94 : specification, game programming, graphic design, level design and translation
  • Kukulcan : game story, game scripting, game intro programming and level design
  • Ced : game story, game scripting and graphic design
  • Rayxamber : sounds and musics
  • TJ/GPA : sounds and musics
  • Maxit : translation
  • MiguelSky : translation

The happy testers are : Fredouille, Galamoth, Maxit, Snake Plissken and Tanuki.

Thanks to all of them !

Youtube videos about Amstrad CPC graphics by MacDeath


If you read Amstrad CPC forums, maybe you have read a few short messages by MacDeath. No I was only joking, you have read a lot of lenghty messages by him ! But he has also done some videos on Youtube on his prefered subject : Amstrad CPC graphics. The latest video by MacDeath is Amstrad CPC Graphics Live [Se02Ep04] (french audio).

A space invaders with a few lines of basic and 8BP, a RSX library for Amstrad CPC


Jose Javier Garcia Aranda wrote a new example for his RSX library 8BP v27 (8bits de poder : 8bits of power), it's a clone of Space invaders in a few lines of basic.

CPC Basic 3, an IDE for writing locomotive basic programs and compiles them in Z80 asm


CPC Basic 3 is an integrated environment for developing programs for Amstrad CPC. It works on Windows, Linux (Mono) and Mac OS (Wine).

CPC Basic function is to allow input and editing a program and compile it to to generate the necessary machine code and run it on a Amstrad CPC computer or an emulator.

Programs are written in Basic language based on Locomotive Basic with a number of differences required because it is a compiler and optimize the speed of code produced.

8BP v027, a RSX library to develop Amstrad CPC games in Basic


Jose Javier Garcia Aranda has written a new version of 8BP v27 (8bits de poder : 8bits of power), a RSX library for writing Amstrad CPC games in basic (26 Kb max). You can download 8bp on github.

This v27 version has 2 new features :

  • RINK RSX for ink animation
  • change state for sprites (badly translated from spanish)

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