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X17, an Amstrad CPC+ or GX4000 demo as a cartridge by AST/iMPACT


Released in December 2017, X17 by AST/iMPACT is a new demo as a cartridge for Amstrad CPC+ or GX4000, available on Youtube.

Memory Full, the memory of the Amstrad CPC demoscene by Toms, Beb and Hicks


You have memory problems with the age ? It's quite normal, you arent anymore that young if you have known the Amstrad CPC in the start of your life.

So it's time to revive all these lost memories by going on Memory Full by Toms, Beb and Hicks, where you will be able to read all what is related to the Amstrad CPC demoscene, quite a subject.

Thanks to Hicks for the original idea who started a web site to be used for writing a book about demoscene, helped by Toms for the web programmation and feeding the database and Beb to enrich the visual aspect of the site..

BDCIron is testing Baba's Palace, Profanation 2, BasketCases, Bitume, Gryzor


BDCIron is streaming Baba's Palace, Profanation 2, BasketCases, Bitume and Gryzor. Of course the first two games issued from CPCRetroDev 2017 should be the more interesting to see.

Greetings to him and the happy mother for their first born !

CRTC³ by Roudoudou, behind the scenes, how were done the demos effects with english subtitles


In this video Roudoudou explains how the effets of his demo CRTC³ were done (sound in french but there are subtitles in english if you are not a frog).

Amstrad CPC streamers on Youtube ? One more with Roudoudou


With the CRTC3 demo by Roudoudou (but also by Futurs, X-men, Karbonik prod, Résistance and Morzienda), I discovered that he was also streaming Amstrad CPC content. I let you look for it by yourself.

Eerie Forest, an Amstrad CPC plus and GX4000 demo by Logon System (Overflow and TotO)


Eerie Forest ("Shadow of the Beast" one-screen intro) by Logon System is their last demo released this week-end at the Alchimy 2017 demo meeting.

Download Eerie Forest on Pouet.

It features :

  • original music by David Whittaker, from a 4 channel mod to a 3 channel song made for Amstrad CPC plus DMA-AY (samples)
  • 80+ colors from the 4096 palette of the Amstrad CPC plus
  • 3 mixed overscan modes (640-320-160)
  • 40+ splitscreens and rasters
  • pixel accurate hardware scroll
  • 100% bitmap, 1 layer, no text-mode)
  • 16 colourful sprites
  • 512 Ko ROM, 64 Kb (V)RAM

Bad Arnold, a demo for an Amstrad CPC boosted with vitamins by Shining


After two games : Defence and Pentomino, Markus Macherey (Shining) goes for a demo, but with a little twist, in fact you are going to need an Amstrad CPC boosted with vitamins. Indeed, you need 1 Mb of RAM and a PlayCity for the sound (9 channels, but the tune written by Nq! is 6 channels) ! Yes, the new wave of programmers doesnt stop to the Amstrad CPC 464, and it's for the good. Lets play with Amstrad CPC with a lot of RAM, external storage and even connected to Internet.

An Amstrad CPC 4k intro by Krusty (Benediction) showed at Revision 2017 : Wunderbar


Krusty (Benediction) showed his Wunderbar 4k intro at the Revision 2017 meeting.

BDCIron is testing Great Gurianos, Addams Family et Big'O'Full demo, and more in another video


BDCIron is testing Amstrad CPC games : Great Gurianos and Addams Family, and also a demo : Big'O'Full demo.

See the previous news for more details about Great Gurianos.

In his latest video (24th February) BDCIron is testing the following games :

  • Buggy Boy
  • Carlos Sainz
  • Chevy Chase
  • Continental Circus
  • Miami Cobra GT
  • Power Drift
  • Super Monaco GP
  • Turbo Cup
  • Twin Turbo V8
  • Wacky Races
  • Potsworth & Co
  • lets Go !
  • the demo Points Barres

Some news by No Recess (Condense)


Condense is working on its new demo since 2 years already, which will be available only for the revision 2018 !

Also, a making-of for the next demo by Overflow (Logon System) will be published on Condense web site. The demo will be available for Revision 2017.

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