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Two new more interviews on NoRecess : Made and BSC


Two new more interviews are available on NoRecess :

  • Made (Bomb), graphist
  • BSC (Symbiosis), musician and programmer (Soundtrakker)

Happy new year 2015


A bit late, but happy new year 2015, may the Amstrad CPC shine on you. Good health too.

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Puzznic for Amstrad CPC+ by Arnoldemu and BDCIron


A new version of Puzznic is available for Amstrad CPC+ thanks to Arnoldemu and BDCIron.

This version runs on GX4000. Instead of pressing R for menu, press pause. Also, an update to the "boot" process, the new overscan title screen now fades in and out, and a CPC+ palette is used.

After Batman Forever, Battro by Batman Group


After Batman Forever, Battro is a cracktro by Batman Group, with music by McKlain.

WIP of a screenshot of Athanor 2 by Eric Safar


After the first Athanor, Eric Safar is working on Athanor 2 this time with bitmaps graphics. You can already see a WIP screenshot of the game on CPCRulez (see source below).

SymbOS on Amstrad CPC, PCW, MSX and now also on Elan Enterprise


The Elan Enterprise is a new computer which can use Symbos. See the youtube video about this subject made during the Nijmegen MSX fair 2015.

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