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The MegaLambda-x6(++) by LambdaMikel, a new Amstrad CPC expansion backplane with 6 slots


Michael Wessel is the author of several hardware expansions for Amstrad CPC which I let you discover on his github and Youtube channel.

His last making is the MegaLambda-x6(++), an Amstrad CPC expansion backplante with no less than 6 slots. You can desactivate individually each connected card. It features :

  • Six standard MX4 expansion slots
  • Passthrough edge connector (like LambdaBoard I, II)
  • Passthrough pin header connector (like MotherX4)
  • Keyhole in edge connector for hardware that requires it (e.g., DKTronics Retro Speech Synthesizer, ...)
  • Wide signal traces for good signal conductivity
  • Extra wide traces for GND and VCC - unlike other backplane expanders for the CPC, MegaLambda is capable of powering the DDI-1 and DDI-3 without requiring an extra power supply
  • Backplane powered from either the CPC or an external 5V power supply via standard barell jack (center polarity positive)
  • Double jumpers (for better conductivity) to select between CPC power and external power
  • Power LED (only) if external power supply is used - polarity check!
  • The 5V / VCC line of the CPC expansion port is physically disconnected from the backplane if external power is used; only GND is shared with the CPC
  • CPC Reset button

Several presentation videos are available :

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