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An Amstrad CPC 464 Portable by Michael Wessel


Michael Wessel is the author of several hardware expansions for Amstrad CPC which I let you discover on his github and Youtube channel.

His last making is quite original as it's an Amstrad CPC 464 portable as it includes an integrated LCD screen taking the place of the tape drive (it was not working anyway) and it can work with a battery (and still on sector of course). It is 2,84 Kg when finished with more than 40 hours of work.

Other sites are writing about it :

There are several presentation videos including one in french by Passion Jeux Vidéo TV sur Youtube, the most complete is the third one by Michael :

The features of this portable Amstrad CPC 464 are :

  • one MX4 card usable
  • ROM board
  • external stereo speaker (with velcro) and of course the internal mono speaker
  • DDI4 disk controler by Zaxxon (which is also a 512 Kb RAM expansion) and slim HXC drive emulator by Lotharek, the SD card is at the back of the CPC with a rotative button to change disks
  • HDMI LCD screen with a video conversion card
  • a small power supply board also takes power for the unit via USB-C, such that it can operate from a power bank

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