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Life of Pixel, a windows platform game, but multi platform inside...


Life of Pixel is an original windows platform game as it lets you play in worlds of retro computers : ZX81, ZX Spectrum, C64, Amstrad CPC of course and many more.

Humble Bundle : Giana Sisters Twisted Dreams pour windows


You have still 3 days to be able to buy Giana Sisters Twisted Dreams on Humble Bundle (weekly). Nine dollars will be enough to get it, and money goes to charities.

Nice music by the way.

An Amstrad CPC wallpaper for your computer by Krakout


If you already follow Krakout's twitter account (aka Themis Papassilekas), also the webmaster of the excellent CPCWiki, you were maybe aware of his nature wallpaper.

With his agreement, you can now get if if you want to have a beautiful computer.

a wallpaper with an Amstrad CPC 464 in the nature

Two online Amstrad CPC emulators are updated : JavaCPC and Sugarbox


Two online Amstrad CPC emulators have been updated with bugs corrections and new features :

  • Sugarbox : loading of snapshots (.SNA)
  • JavaCPC : you can load your own disks images files (.DSK), some important keys are F1 - Show some info, F12 - Reset CPC, F2 - Load medium (CDT, DSK, even SNA is possible), F10 - Boot DSK in DF0, F9 - Toggle turbo mode and ALT + Enter - Toggle fullscreen)

Happy new year 2014


Happy new year 2014, I hope you will get what you wish for (for you and all those you love).

Happy Christmas


It's a bit late to wish your a merry Christmas, I hope so that you received what you were asking for.

Responsive design on Genesis8 Amstrad Page, surf with phones and tablets easily


Small graphical redesign of the site using HTML5 and "responsive design" to allow better surfing on smartphones and tablets.

Later I will use the Bootstrap CSS framework for more features.

Also, only the latest 15 news items will be shown on this page. Older news items are available in the archives.

New games on the unofficial 3D Construction Kit website


3D Construction Kit was written by Incentive Software and published by Domark in 1991 on Amstrad CPC. This utility let you create 3D graphical adventure games.

New games are available for all platforms on which 3D Construction Kit was ported, including the Amstrad CPC, on the unofficial 3D Construction Kit web site.

Looking for help to correct english mistakes


I am looking for help to correct the way I write in english : with an axe.

If you are interested, see the contact link above, or write to my gmail address (genesis8bit), thanks in advance.

CPC-Power is down at the moment


CPC-Power is down following being hacked

Sadly, it wasnt a white hat who could have helped Kukulcan to correct the security problem.

Happily, the site will be back, just with less features. At least we will have its important content back.

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