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CPC PC-CPC v0.1aq emulator and the ManageDsk v0.17 utility


You can download the latest version of the PC-CPC emulator and of ManageDsk v0.17 (.DSK file handling utility) by Ludovic Deplanque (Demoniak).

This last version of the emulator corrects 2 bugs, one about CLI use (command line interface) and the other about the 2nd joystick handling.

Prehistorik Man on DSiWare, it's good to be american


Talking about Prehistorik 2 in the previous news, I saw on the wikipedia page that it was later ported to Game Boy and Super Nintendo Entertainment System, with a name change : Prehistorik Man. It was later ported on Game Boy Advance. There's also a DSiWare version of this game released in North America (only) on February 15, 2010.

You can see a video of Prehistorik Man for DSiWare on Youtube.

Prehistorik Man on DSiWare  Prehistorik Man on DSiWare 

Another java utility by DevilMarkus : SAMdisk GUI


DevilMarkus has written another java utility : SAMdisk GUI, a GUI for SAMdisk by Simon Owen : a CLI utility for Windows 2000 and XP, used to transfer between physical SAM Coupé disks (both floppy and IDE) and disk images (DSK/MGT/IMG/HDF).

This utility requires a floppy drive connected to a standard motherboard connector. USB floppy drives cannot be supported as there is no way to access their embedded floppy controller chip.

It can transfer Prehistorik 2 for example.

SDiskEmul v3 by Sundance, a 3,5" drive emulator


Version 3 of SDiskEmul by Sundance, a floppy disk emulator, is available.

SDiskEmul works with Atari XE/XL (SIO mode), Atari gamme ST, Amiga (MFM mode) and Amstrad CPC. Writing is only possible with Atari .ST disks images.

Version 3 brings :

  • installation without soldering on SCART,
  • graphic resolution : 320x240 (40x32 characters),
  • PS2 mouse port included,
  • hardware and software optimization : performances up to 50%.

You can check a video of SDiskEmul v3 on Youtube.

XNACPC, an Amstrad CPC emulator for Xbox 360 by Gavin Pugh


Gavin Pugh updated his twitter account, XNACPC is now working, an Amstrad CPC emulator for Xbox 360.

Source code will be later available, but it could take weeks or months.

Arkos Tracker v1.0 beta 2 for PC


You can download Arkos Tracker v1.0 beta 2 for PC by Targhan.

Here's the changelist :

  • Complete coding of the sound generating and outputing by myself. The emulation is more accurate, and will allow the implementation of samples and Sids in the future,
  • Plug in your best MIDI Keyboard or any MIDI-In device, play and record your music with it,
  • 150hz and 300hz replay modes are now available. They are very slightly slower than on a real CPC. Nothing you should notice...
  • CPCBooster output is now very accurate,
  • Ability to save Interleaved/non-Interleaved YM6 format,
  • AKStoBin : a command line software to converts any AKS song into a binary to use on hardware (warning, you still need .Net to use it),
  • STKtoAKS : a command line software to converts any STarKos songs into an AKS song (warning, you still need .Net to use it).

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