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Two online Amstrad CPC emulators are updated : JavaCPC and Sugarbox


Two online Amstrad CPC emulators have been updated with bugs corrections and new features :

  • Sugarbox : loading of snapshots (.SNA)
  • JavaCPC : you can load your own disks images files (.DSK), some important keys are F1 - Show some info, F12 - Reset CPC, F2 - Load medium (CDT, DSK, even SNA is possible), F10 - Boot DSK in DF0, F9 - Toggle turbo mode and ALT + Enter - Toggle fullscreen)

Breaking Baud, an Amstrad CPC demo on tape, 30 years after the CPC 464


Breaking Baud is an Amstad CPC demo made by the groups CRTC and 3LN, which was showed at the Revision demo party 2014.

Code is written by Doz, graphism by Rexbeng and music by McKlain.

This tape demo use a turbo loader to run while it loads (and also to speed up its loading).

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