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Invasion of the Zombie Monsters on Amstrad CPC by Relevo Videogames


Invasion of the Zombie Monsters by Relevo Videogames is a spanish game release in 2010 on ZX Spectrum and now in 2013 on Amstrad CPC and MSX.

Arcade Game Designer by Jonathan Cauldwell on Zx Spectrum and Amstrad CPC


Arcade Game Designer (documentation of AGD) is a tool by Jonathan Cauldwell to make games on ZX Spectrum and lately on Amstrad CPC, without any knowing of programmation. The games created wont scroll the entire screen : they are static. There is also a PC tool : TommyGun.AGD to make the games, working only with the ZX Spectrum AGD version only at the moment.

Check the youtube video of an AGD game : Donkey Kong Reloaded.

menu of Arcade Game Designer

Mind in Motion, an Amstrad CPC demo by Ham (Software failure)


Mind in Motion, an Amstrad CPC 15 Ko dentro written in 3 days and released at Forever 14 by Software Failure in 2013. Code, graphics and music by Ham/SFL, Arkos Tracker Music player by Targhan and Grim/Arkos. It needs a 64 Ko CPC.

Mind in Motion, an Amstrad CPC demo by Software Failure

Batman Ending by Vanity will be released at Revision 2013


Revision 2013 will take place in Saarbrücken (from 29/03 to 01/04).

A little group of CPC users will be there (Offset, Toms, Eliot, maybe Grim, Rouquemoute, Hicks and others).

The next Vanity demo will be presented saturday night, in the oldskool category : Batman ending.

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