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NoRecess web site


NoRecess {the website} is a nice recent web site by NoRecess (since January 2011). He is the author of the Phat, Phat 2,Pheelone and Phreaksdemos. But he also wrote PhrozenC, a K&R C compiler for Amstrad CPC and the HxC Software Emulator Manager for Amstrad CPC. He is writing Phactory, a PC utility which is a completedevelopment editor targeting the Amstrad CPC platform. It features : code editor, bitmap converter, big file maker, dsk file manager, packer, hex editor... SDCC C compiler is alsofully integrated, and inlined assembly code is compatible with Maxam syntax.

There is an interesting article about state of the Amstrad CPC community in 2011 (with informations from Germany, United Kingdom, Greece, Denmark, Spain, South Australia and France), and last article is an interview of Axelay,author of Star Sabre, Dead On Time and Sub Hunter, and many more interesting things to read.

Lords of Midnight on Iphone coming


In October 2009 I was writing about a possible Iphone port of Lords of Midnight (originally written by Mike Singleton) by Chris Wild. This time it's for real ! There will be some tweaks to A.I., new updated graphics of cource, first version will be just solo, but updates will bring multi-user play.

While waiting for this precious gem, you can either play the original Lords of Midnight game with an emulator, or with one of the various following ports :

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