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Le mur de Berlin va sauter, from Apple 2 by Froggy Software to Amstrad CPC by Tom et Jerry


Le mur de berlin is a graphical adventure game by Tom et Jerry on Amstrad CPC, inspired by the game of the same name on Apple 2 by Froggy Software.

Will you be able to prevent the explosion of the Berlin Wall ? It's time to know if you are good as the best spy in the world (no not James Bond) known as Hubert Bonisseur de la Bath (aka OSS117).

A wink : Happy Birthday to Eliot


As a wink, lets celebrate a happy birthday to Eliot, I hope you will be able to organize many more meetings in the years to come.

Les sucres en morceaux didnt melt yet in the coffee


Ici Londres, les français parlent aux français, I repeat, les sucres en morceaux didnt melt yet in the coffee.

In fact the web site les sucres en morceaux just got a lifting with a new menu and many corrections and updates to its content.

Beware, too much sugar in your coffee will ruin it though...

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