Utilities for Amstrad emulators by name

Utilities for Amstrad emulators

CPCEMU POKES DATABASE v1.1o, 1672 POKES écrits par HERMOL (12-17-1996)




22Disk v1.44 (octobre 1996) par Sydex Inc. Un utilitaire MsDos pour lire et écrire plus de 400 formats de disquettes CP/M. Il inclut un fichier de définitions qui peut être étendu avec d'autres formats de disquettes

22Disk v1.44, October 1996 From Sydex, Inc. 22Disk is a DOS utility that allows one to read, write and format over 400 different CP/M diskette formats. It includes a definitions file which also allows you to create your own format specifications for systems not included


2CDT by Kevin Thacker, a line command windows
utility to add files into a .CDT file (image
of a tape) with a GUI by DevilMarkus in java

2CDT par Kevin Thacker, un utilitaire en
ligne de commande pour ajouter des fichiers
dans une archive .CDT (image de cassette)
avec un GUI par DevilMarkus en java


Disk Image XTender------------------Release
1.3 - February 1997A utility for
convertingbetween different Disk Imageformats
for the CPC Emulators.(c) 1996-97 Pierre
port by Kevin Thackeramstrad@ander


AIFF decoder a tool for retrieving data from
Amstrad CPC tapes (c) Pierre Guerrier, 1996
Pierre.Guerrier@cao-vlsi.ibp.frAmiga version
maintained by Kevin


Amiga et PC utilities for AMI-CPC, to convert
.DSK<->.CPC image disks


AnaDisk v2.05 (May 1991) for msdos, a
comprehensive diskette utility. It will
examine, edit, repair, format and copy almost
any diskette, shareware


Ascii2ams by Jérome Le Saux, C source and
windows binary to convert unix ascii files to
amsdos and backward

Ascii2ams par Jérome Le Saux, source C et
programme windows pour convertir des fichiers
ascii unix vers amsdos et vice-versa


BUILDCPR (c) Kevin Thacker
C Source code, this utility will take any
binary file up to 512k and make a cartridge
image from it (.CPR) which can be used with
any CPC+ emulator.

BuildCPR par Kevin Thacker, code source en C
pour transformer n'importe quel binaire
jusqu'à 512 Ko en image de cartouche pour un
émulateur CPC+


CPCfs v0.85 update by Kevin Thacker in may
2000, based on:

CPCfs v:0.85pl0 February 1996
Transfer programs between
CPCEmu *.DSK-images and DOS files;
Maintain images with
Supports: System, Data, IBM Format,
Vortex; CP/M Tracks
Batch & interactive processing
Including C source (Unix, DOS)
** unpack with pkunzip -d **

Mise à jour de CPCoFS v0.85 par Kevin
Thacker, gère les images Amstrad CPC .DSK et
.EDSK, permet d'extraire et d'injecter des
fichiers à partir des images disques


Amstrad CPC disk image format convertor v1.02
for Acorn RISC by jgirvin@bfs.unibol.com
(John Girvin) CPCConv converts the disk
images used with the various CPC emulators
available between the different format used
by each emulator. It currently knows about
ACPC (.DSK format), AmiCPC (.CPC format) and
EmuCPC (.CPCD) format.


files which gave the possibility to
transfer ONLY from cpc to pc, enjoy the
amazing speed of 19500 Bit/sec, these I
only get if i transfer from cpc ramdisk
(1Megabyte) to pc. From floppy it is a
little bit slower.


CPC2TAPE.ZIP, CPC2TAPE version 1.1

Converts CPC files to tape format.

CPC2TAPE.TXT : "Readme" file.
CPC2TAPE.EXE : DOS binary.
CPC2TAPE : Linux binary.
CPC2TAPE.C : C source.
FILE_ID.DIZ : This file.

Conversion de fichiers CPC au format

CPC2TAPE.TXT : Documentation breve.
CPC2TAPE.EXE : Executable pour DOS.
CPC2TAPE : Executable pour Linux.
CPC2TAPE.C : Source C.
FILE_ID.DIZ : Ce fichier.


utility for !CPC


CPCDiskXP v1.6, a windows utility to read and
write Amstrad CPC disks

CPCdiskXP v1.6, un utilitaire windows pour
lire et écrire des disquettes Amstrad CPC


CPCEXTRACTOR V1.0 11/03/95 (C)1995 by
Guillaume Genty, PC program to extract
files from *.DSK CPCEMU files (DATA and
SYSTEM formats)


Front-end to !CPC v0.5


CPCFS v0.2 for win9x by Ramlaid, command line
utility to read/write Amstrad CPC .DSK files
(uses John Elliott libsdk library), source

CPCFS v0.2 pour win9x par Ramlaid, un
utilitaire en ligne de commande pour lire et
écrire des images .DSK Amstrad CPC


CPCFS v:0.85.3 Feb 96 - Jan 98
Transfer programs between
CPCEmu *.DSK-images and DOS files;
Maintain images with
Supports: System, Data, IBM Format,
Vortex; CP/M Tracks
Batch & interactive processing
Including C source (Unix, DOS)
** unpack with pkunzip -d **


CPCXfs 28/October/2000, a dos and windows
utility to manipulate .DSK files

CPCXfs is an update by kevin Thacker to CPCfs
v0.85 by Derik Zuetphen

This version includes bugfixes and
improvements over the original.


** CpcHand v0.2 **

Transform the PC as a virtual disk
drive for the the Amstrad CPC

Replace CpcHand.zip (v0.1):


** CpcKey v0.3(c)1997 **
- command/replace CPC keyboard with the PC
- send files between CPC and PC
- poke during games
- automatic procedures, etc...
- compatible Intex HEX format
- compatible with CPCEMU parallel cable


CpcTerm by Brice Rive, a program for
Macinstosh to let your transfer data from
your Amstrad CPC (ROMs, disks protected or
not, files)

Transfert de ROMs, disques et fichiers d'un
CPC à un Macintosh


ULTPATCH.DBF - new poke database (version
3.4E) for CPCEMU 1.4 with 5000+ pokes,
distributed by The Ultimate Patchers, 1st of
December 1997

Ultpatch v3.e, une base de données de pokes
pour CPCEMU par the ultimate patchers


CPCXfs 16 February 2003, a dos and windows
utility to manipulate .DSK files

CPCXfs is an update by kevin Thacker to CPCfs
v0.85 by Derik Zuetphen

This version includes bugfixes and
improvements over the original.


(v3.24) CPDRead - Copy Protected Disk
Reader.. MS-DOS utility to transfer CPC
disks into the extended DSK file format.
Please consult the CPDREAD.TXT file
inside the archive for detailed usage

Copyright (c) 1995,96
Ulrich Doewich


(v1.03) CPDWrite - Copy Protected Disk
Writer.. MS-DOS utility used to write
emulator disk images to any disk drive
attached to the PC. Supports the most
popular emulator image formats of the
Amstrad CPC range and the Atari ST.

Please consult the README.TXT file
inside the archive for detailed usage


CPMFS v0.14 for RISC OS, a filing system
similar to DOSFS to use several common CP/M
disc formats as native RISC OS formats. In
particular, disc formats used by the Amstrad
PCW and Spectrum +3 computers are supported.
CPMFS also allows DSK and EDSK files, as used
by Amstrad computer emulators, to be opened
as though they are directories.

CPMFS v0.14 pour RISC OS, un utilitaire pour
lire des disquettes CP/M ainsi que les images
disques .DSK (normal et étendu)


Cpmtools v2.4 by Michael Haardt, source for
posix and win32 systems to access CP/M file
systems similar to the well-known mtools
package, which accesses MSDOS file systems.

Cpmtools v2.4 par Michael Haardt, source pour
systèmes posix et win32 pour accéder des
systèmes de fichier CP/M


DIC v1.3 (Disc Image Copy) by Tim Riemann
(TCS-Software@t-online.de), Transfer disc
images with the parallel Adapter from CPC to
PC (only SYSTEM and DATA formatted disks)


DSKINFO - 08 September 2002 - by Kevin
Thacker, a tool to display information
about the format used by standard or extended
CPCEMU disc image files


dsktools v0.1.0 for Linux is a set of tools
for reading and writing DSK and EDSK images
real floppy disks for use with the
Amstrad/Schneider CPC

dsktools v0.1.0 pour linux est un ensemble
d'utilitaires pour lire et écrire des images
DSK et EDSK sur des vrais disquettes pour
utilisation avec des Amstrad/Schneider CPC


More Amstrad CPC 22disk definitions by
Helmut Jungkunz


GoodCPC v2.02 for win9x, rename .DSK files,
recognize 11231 files, June 2004

GoodCPC v2.02 pour win9x, renomme les
fichiers .DSK, reconnait 11231 fichiers, juin


GoodCPC v0.999.4 (BETA), an Amstrad CPC Disk
renamer by Cowering (7046 entries)

GoodCPC v0.999.4 (BETA), un utilitaire pour
renommer les images disk Amstrad CPC
contenant un dictionnaire 7046 entrées


Genesis8's format definition for 22Disk
(http://www.sydex.com) for reading Amstrad
CPC disks on a PC, compiles with
'genindex genesis8.def cpmdisks.def'

Définition de format par Genesis8 pour 22disk
(http://www.sydex.com) pour lire des
disquettes Amstrad CPC sur un PC, à compiler
'genindex genesis8.def cpmdisks.def'


Hideur Maikeur v2.0 by Downwater, a msdos and
win9x utility to converts a 'Dos' file into
an Amsdos file by adding an Amsdos header,
sources included (to compile under unix)

Hideur Maikeur v2.0 par Downwater, un
utilitaire msdos et win9x pour convertir un
fichier 'Dos' en fichier Amsdos en y insérant
un en-tête Amsdos, sources inclus (pour
compilation sous unix)


LIBDSK v1.4.2 by John Elliott for Linux, a library for accessing discs and disc images files (Amstrad .DSK images files and other formats)


LIBDSK v1.4.2. par John Elliott pour Linux, une librairie pour traiter des disquettes et des images de disquettes (format Amstrad .DSK et d'autres)


M2TOSNA.EXE v1.1 (Saturday 8th April
1995) By James McKay. This PC program
takes CPCEMU tape files of Multiface 2
snaps and converts them into SNA files.
Both 64K and 128K can be converted!


ManageDsk v0.20g by Demoniak, a win9x tool (french, english, spanish) :

  • create an empty .DSK file (DATA format),
  • add files in a .DSK file,
  • extract files from an .DSK file,
  • rename files in a .DSK file
  • delete files in a .DSK file,


ManageDsk v0.20g par Demoniak, un utilitaire win9x (espagnol, français et anglais) pour :

  • créer un fichier .DSK vide (format data)
  • ajouter des fichiers à un .DSK
  • extraire des fichier d'un .DSK
  • renommer des fichiers d'un .DSK
  • effacer des fichiers d'un .DSK


Disk Image XTender v1.2b by Pierre Guerrier
(guerrier@ecoledoc.ibp.fr), MAC port by
Brice Rive (brice@world-net.sct.fr)

It turns disk images of various formats into
the "extended disk image format" (edsk) as
defined by K.E.W Thacker, M. Vieth, and U.
Doewich. This format supports copy-protected
images, avoids waste of space, and it is the
new standard for recent emulators.

The recognized source formats are dsk, esdk,
cpd, dif, emu, ami, cpc, ncpc

.SIT archive inside


CPCEMU.DBF v0.9 (12/21/99) by
tous@club-internet.fr for the Amstrad CPC
emulator CPCEMU (by Marco Vieth), contains
1641 cheat codes for 576 games

1641 pokes pour l'émulateur CPCEMU


MSODBALL v2.10 for CP/M 2.2/3 and msdos by
John Elliott, can convert a standard CP/M (or
LocoScript) 720k disc to one of three
non-standard DOS formats. Conversely, it can
convert a DOS disc in either of these
non-standard formats to CP/M 720k format.


NO$CART by Martin Korth, a dos utility to
convert CPC disk-images into CPC Plus
cartriges, ie. DSK files into CPR files. Now
even a disk-less CPC 464 Plus or a GX 4000
can play all CPC games

NO$CART par Martin Korth, un utilitaire dos
pour convertir des images disques (.DSK) en
images cartouches CPC+ (.CPR). Maintenant un
CPC464+ ou une GX 4000 peuvent utiliser tous
les jeux CPC


PC2CPC v2.0 - EDSK image transfer utility
James Churchill - s2191231@cse.unsw.edu.au
(c) Rekall Systems 16/2/97
Utility to convert CPC emulator EDSK images
(used with CPCEMU) to 3inch disk sides via
the CPCEMU parallel link
Parallel link with utilities from CPCEMU
386+ PC
.EDK disk images
XTI, the disk image converter


AIFF decoder v1.3 by Pierre Guerrier
(Pierre.Guerrier@wanadoo.fr), MSDOS port by
Ulrich Doewich (caprice32@cybercube.com),
a tool for retrieving data from Amstrad CPC
tapes, C sources included

AIFF decoder v1.3 par Pierre Guerrier
(Pierre.Guerrier@wanadoo.fr), port MSDOS par
Ulrich Doewich (caprice32@cybercube.com),
un utiltaire pour lire les données d'une
cassette Amstrad CPC, sources C incluses


PCW Boot Strap Program by Kevin Thacker for
use with the M.E.S.S. emulator

Programme de chargement du PCW par Kevin
Thacker pour l'émulateur M.E.S.S.


PCW Explorer v0.2 by John Elliott, sources
and win32 EXE included, a GUI for accessing
PCW disc on unix and win9x, can also view PCW
images and converts them to JPG or PNG

PCW Explorer v0.2 par John Elliott, sources
et exécutable win32 inclus, un GUI pour
accéder aux disquettes PCW sous unix et
win9x, peut également visionner les images
PCW et les convertir en JPG ou PNG


Disk Image XTender v1.4 by Pierre Guerrier
(Pierre.Guerrier@wanadoo.fr), DOS port by
Ulrich Doewich (ulrich.doewich@shaw.wave.ca)

turns disk images of various formats into the
"extended disk image format" (edsk), it
supports copy-protected images, avoids waste
of space, and it is the new standard for
recent emulators. It recognizes source
formats are dsk, esdk, cpd, dif, emu, ami,
cpc, ncpc. It also can create new images,
merge single-sided images into double-sided
images (and vice versa), and include
standalone AMSDOS files into edsk image
files. C sources included

Utilitaire DOS de gestion d'images .DSK pour
les émulateurs Amstrad CPC


SEND2 v1.2 a complete parallel transfer
package which is an amelioration of
- 3" disk transfer (DATA, SYSTEM, IBM),
- ROM transfers,
- tape transfers.
By J.GUEZENNEC (jguezenn@icor.fr)


SNAP2CPC v1.1 is a PC MS-DOS tool for 386
computers and above, designed to convert .SNA
snapshot file created with PC cpc emulators
into files loadable into a real CPC. Files
are now compressed !

SNAP2CPC v1.1 est un utilitaire PC MS-DOS
pour 386 et plus, conçu pour convertir des
fichiers snapshots .SNA créés avec les
émulateurs cpc en fichiers chargeables
directement sur un vrai CPC. Les fichiers
sont maintenant compressés !

(C) 1998 Genty Guillaume


SNAPGRAB V1.1 - Utility to extract
Pictures from CPC-Snapshots


Snapshot Manager for msdos by Roudoudou, an
utility to transfer files in a 64 Ko .SNA
snapshots files

Snapshot Manager pour msdos par Roudoudou, un
utilitaire pour transférer des fichiers dans
un fichier snapshot de 64 Ko


TAPE2HDD for ms-dos, a CPC/MSX homecomputer
cassette tape reader (using a sound card) by
Martin Korth in 1999

TAPE2HDD pour ms-dos, un utilitaire pour lire
les cassettes CPC/MSX (en utilisant une carte
snore) par Martin Korth en 1999


2 dos utilities for managing Amstrad .DSK
disk images by truell@gmx.net :

- DSKDIR v0.03 : shows the directory contents
of a cpc-disk-image-file.
- DSKMAP v0.01 : shows the track map of a
cpc-disk-image-file. this is useful to check
if a cpc-dsk-image-file is in the correct
shape or if some tracks or sectors are
missing, defective or in a strange format
(maybe copy protected).

2 utilitaires dos de gestion d'images disques
DSK Amstrad :

- DSKDIR : montre le contenu d'un DSK
- DSKMAP : montre l'état des pistes du DSK


CPC TRANSFILE PROJECT, simulates a small
filesystem on the an Amstrad CPC computer
with the files being stored on a PC hard
disk, ASM source for CPC and PC, no binary


Use this program to transfer several
.TAPE-files into one disk image file for
the CPC emulators, (c) Christian Horn


TURBO TRANSFER PC -> CPC v0.92 by Tino
Longueira (tino_l@fcmail.com), Turbo Transfer
allows to copy DSK & EDSK files from PC to
CPC using parallel interface in 50 seconds

Turbo Transfer PC -> CPC v0.92 par Tino
Longueira (tino_l@fcmail.com), Turbo Transfer
permet de copier des images DSK & EDSK du pc
au CPC avec le cable parallèle en 50 secondes


UniRefresh v1.32 by Rob Muller
(r.muller@student.utwente.nl), a freeware
universal dos refresh rate utility

UniRefresh v1.32 par Rob Muller
(r.muller@student.utwente.nl), un utilitaire
de rafraichissement universel pour DOS


VOC to TZX (or TAP) Convertor v0.53b by Tomaz
Kac and Martijn van der Heide - an utility to
convert 8 bit mono VOC samples of ZX Spectrum
tapes (almost any protection is supported) to
the new .TZX format (or .TAP format for tapes
without protection or custom loading scheme).
This version also supports Amstrad CPC tapes.

convertisseur VOC vers TZX (ou TAP) v0.53b
par Tomaz Kac et Martijn van der Heide, un
utilitaire pour convertir des fichiers VOC
8bit mono en cassettes ZX Spectrum et Amstrad


WriteDSK / Dirdos v1.0 beta by Targhan/Arkos,
an Amstrad CPC utility to transfer a .DSK