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NQ!-Music disc pour Amstrad CPC par Shining et HAL6128 (musiques de n1k-o)


Après avoir sorti le jeu Pentomino en 2017, Shining a eu un retour très positif de sa musique. En tant que fan de la musique chiptune-ay de son auteur n1k-o, il a décidé de créer un music disc avec les meilleurs musiques de n1k-o : NQ!-Music disc.

Le reste sera traduit en français plus tard, désolé.

After getting the permission from n1k-o, the music-disc finally plays 26 songs, choosen by him. Because of the very crooked different frequency of the ay in the sinclair (where all the tunes come from), they sound not always the same on our Amstrad and many of them, he had to fine-tune. Some, which he wanted to use, were nearly impossible to convert, so the choosen-ones are not the 26 best, in his opinion, but the 26 best he could get up and running on CPC.

Since he joined forces with HAL6128 again, the great gfx was completely made by him. As only playing the songs is a little bit boring, and he wanted to play around a little bit with the crtc and the plus, he implemented the CRTC-register 3 equalizer (he thinks this will not work on TFT but on original monitors. Also the picture in Winape shakes a little bit, in JavaCPC it's ok.).

The pictures use 32k-Overscan and because he wanted to be compatible with 64kB, he had to reload some stuff, to arrange everything in the memory. But when you use the cartridge version or something like the M4, this doesn't matter at all.

As mentioned above, he wanted to play around with plus-sprites, so the demo detects if it is running on a plus and then enables (randomised) one of 4 different note-movements. 3 of them use 14 multiplexed plus sprites at the same time, so that you can see 28 notes on screen.

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