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Playing to Wolfenstein 3D in CGA thanks to James Howard, and a web navigator too


Playing to Wolfenstein 3D on a PC XT in CGA was your dream, James Howard did it. Several video modes are available :

  • 4 colour RGB mode with red palette (default mode)
  • 4 colour RGB mode with magenta palette (start WOLF3DC.EXE classic)
  • Composite CGA mode (start WOLF3DC.EXE composite)
  • Tandy 160x200 mode (start WOLF3DC.EXE tandy)
  • LCD inverse monochrome mode (start WOLF3DC.EXE lcd)

James also wrote a web navigator : MicroWeb for Intel 8088 or compatible CPU, CGA, EGA, VGA or Hercules compatible graphics card, network interface (it is possible to use your machine's serial port with the EtherSLIP driver), mouse is desirable but not 100% required, 640k RAM is desirable. EMS/XMS are not required.

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