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Amstrad Diagnostics ROM v1.10 by Noël Llopis


Noel Llopis has written an Amstrad CPC diagnostic ROM which is already at version 1.10 and whose sources are available on Github.

Changes since v0.91 :

  • New main menu and summary screen
  • Checking for 464 vs 664 models
  • Fixed crash on DSK build
  • Fix: Upper RAM test on Plus and GX4000 working again
  • Improved keyboard layout in keyboard test
  • Support for 464/664, 6128, and matrix keyboard layout (use TAB to cycle through them)
  • Tries to autodetects Amstrad model and pick correct keyboard layout automatically
  • Tries to autodetect ROM language and picks Spanish or French keyboard layout if necessary
  • Fix: Upper RAM test doesn't trigger FDC

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