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CapriceESP32 v0.7.9 by Millim, an Amstrad CPC emulator on Odroid Go


A new version of the Amstrad CPC emulator for Odroid Go by Millim : CapriceESP32 is available (v0.7.9).

It features mute sound and support for cheating (read documentation for using it). To access both features use the Menu Key + B, then Menu Key + Down arrow.

You must put the directory /cpc at the base of the Odroid SD card (especially /cpc/dsk), the .FW will be in /odroid/firmware as usual.

I recommand to read the documentation of CapriceESP32. You must use the Menu key + B to access the .DSK directory then Menu + right arrow to go to the file list, select file with A, press Menu + B once again to launch the selected file. To use the virtual keyboard, press Menu + A and once again to remove it. There is no sound mute at the moment. If you want to reset the emulator, just choose another disk and file to execute.

The new version features :

  • Key mapping file support, identical to the C64/Schumi structure (see documentation)
  • Volume control for the internal speaker. By pressing VOL button together with one key ( left, right, up, or down) will increase/decrease by 1 or 10
  • Bluetooth Audio support. Now you can stream the emulator sound in Stereo to Speaker or Headphone, wirelessly
  • Added a simple 8bit style OSD aka 1986
  • Improved SD card access by adding SPI Mutex access control

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