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Street Fighter II CPC still being developped


Street Fight II CPC is still being developped by Augusto Ruiz (programmation), DaDMaN (graphics) and McKlain (sound). Here is a new video of Street Fight II CPC below, after the two of 2013 :

Dont expect a final version in 2016, but a beta is possible. The target is an Amstrad CPC 6128 with 128 Kb, sorry no CPC 464.

ccZ80 v3.1.5 and ccZ80++ by Emilio Guerrero, programmation in C on PC for Amstrad CPC


cc80 v3.1.5 by Emlio Guerrero is the last version of this compilator for PC with a C syntaxe, to program on PC (windows or linux with Mono or Wine) for Amstrad CPC, ZX Spectrum and MSX.

But it now exist cc80++ which is of course inspired by C++ but also has a new target : Amstrad PCW.

Fuzix (unix clone) for Amstrad Notepad and PCW still developped by Alan Cox


First announce in November 2014, Alan Cox continue programming on Fuzix (clone d'unix) for Amstrad PCW and Notepad. He is adding support for Amstrad NC200 at the moment.

It would be fun to use an ESPxx to add wifi to an Amstrad Notepad or PCW.

8BP v026, a RSX library to develop Amstrad CPC games in Basic


Jose Javier Garcia Aranda has written 8BP (8bits de poder : 8bits of power), a RSX library for writing Amstrad CPC games in basic (26 Kb max). You can download 8bp on github (sources, demos and games examples, spanish and english documentation). Il existe déjà 3 jeux dont le dernier Niburu :

  • mutante montoya (platforms /maze)
  • anunnaki (space ship arcade, vertical scroll)
  • nibiru (space ship arcade, horizontal scroll)

LZ48, LZ49 cruncher and decruncher in Z80 asm by Roudoudou


Roudoudou has released a new cruncher and decruncher in Z80 asm and C source (for the 1st variant, wait a bit more for the 2nd variant). Le décompresseur est rapide et de petite taille. The decruncher has a short size and is fast.

To be included in a development environment on PC.

CPCTelera v1.4 (Ronaldo), RGAS v1.2.4 (Lachlank) and WinCPCTelera (Arnaud6128)


CPCTelera still at v1.4 is a multi platform (Windows with Cygwin, OS X and Linux) development framework for creating Amstrad CPC games in C and assembly. And you can now use WinCPCTelera by Arnaud6128 to test directly your CPCTelera programs on windows without using an emulator or a real Amstrad CPC.

Retro Game Asset Studio (RGAS) v1.2.4 by Lachlank is the next evolution of Amsprite (now defunct). You can create graphics, sound/music and levels for Amstrad CPC, ZX Spectrum and Commodore 64.

5 days left to participate to the CPCRETRODEV 2016


CPCRetroDev 2016, the 4th edition of the retro game creation contest of the University of Alicante. This contest awards the best and most creative developers of the retro scene, able to develop the best games for Amstrad CPC 464. The main characteristics of this year’s contest are:

  • AWARDS ( 1.050 € )
    • Special awards
    • PRO Category
      • 300 € : Best game
      • 150 € : Second best game
      • 75 € : Third best game
    • BASIC Category
      • 100 € – Best BASIC game
      • 50 € – Second best BASIC game

Before submiting, please do thoroughly read the contest rules. Then, develop your game and fill in the form below for submiting your entry. Please, ensure that you correctly provide your email address, so as we can contact you.

Here you may find some links to developer tools for Amstrad CPC:

CrocoDS by Kyuran on OSX, and developping for pico8 on Amstrad CPC


Kyuran wrote on Twitter to announce an incoming version of the Amstrad CPC emulator CrocoDS on OSX. And also a development environment for Pico-8 on Amstrad CPC.

New version of the CPC assembler Dorgams


Dorgams is an assembler in ROM for Amstrad CPC, created by Madram, Drill and Hicks. A new version is available.

The documentation in french and english is available on Dorgams' wiki.

RGAS v1.2.1 by Lachlank (Development for CPC on PC)


Retro Game Asset Studio (RGAS) v1.2.1 by Lachlank is the next evolution of Amsprite (now defunct). Using .NET, you can create graphics, sound/music levels for Amstrad CPC, ZX Spectrum and Commodore 64.

New features :

  • Check for newer versions at startup
  • Export level to bitmap
  • Level designer list now supports same functions as sprite list (copy, re-order etc).
  • Option to generate level data in RLE (Run Length Encoding) format
  • Option to output width/height bytes at beginning of sprite data (supports 8BP library/framework 8 bits de poder)

Golden Tails by Juan Martinez (Reidrac), an Amstrad CPC platform game


Golden Tails is a mostly finished platform game for Amstrad CPC by Juan Martinez (Reidrac). The game is inspired by Japanese folklore.

Game screenshots are available on CPCWiki (see link below).

Juan is also the author for Amstrad CPC of The return of Traxtor and Space pest control.

ALl three games are powered by cpcrslib by Artaburu and PSG Player by WYZ.

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