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ReSeT #30, an Amstrad CPC meeting at Coutances in June/July 2018


The Amstrad CPC meeting ReSeT #30 will take place at Coutances from friday 29th June (12am) to sunday 1st July (6pm) 2018 in Normandy (Foyer des Jeunes Travailleurs, 162 rue Régis Messac, Coutances).

This meeting is organized by Eliot (Benediction). It's a success each year since 2000.

Whatever your interest in Amstrad CPC, you will be welcome. It will be the occasion to see previews of incoming programs and to meet other CPCists.

As usual there will be a contest.

More informations on ReSeT's site.

New version of FutureOS, an operating system for Amstrad CPC


A new version of FutureOS, an operating system for Amstrad CPC is available on the web site, programmed this time not by TFM but by Gunhed.

  • Plus Version: Debugged and Interface enhanced. ROM C compressed
  • Interrupt Mode 2 Management enhanced. Code compressed in ROM D
  • Support for MultiPlay enhanced. Sign on messages adapted. Now only ROM A is active, ROMs B-D are set inactive
  • Interrupt Mode 2 Entry put at address &FCFC in ROM's A, B and C (D needs to be compressed first)
  • Support for Speech Synthesisers added (LambdaSpeak, SSA-1 and dk'tronics)
  • Enhanced System Stability: A click on the RUN Icon (or hotkey e<X>ecute) will deactivate the <I> Icon. Few bytes saved
  • New feature: Auto-DIR added, every click at device icon reads DIRs. Initialization string moved to fixed address
  • OS function EXCP improved. Later this year ... ;-) ... ConfigOS / KonfigOS updated
  • Added OS function R_PS2 to read SF2 PS2 mouse X, Y, five buttons and scroll wheel. Data in YL, YH, D and E
  • FutureOS XROMs "TOOL-DEU.ROM" and "TOOL-ENG.ROM" updated (new versions of KonfigOS/ConfigOS and OS-Infos)
  • Bug in OS function EGEN_HD corrected, which was introduced after OS system 0.5 - relevant only for Dobbertin HD20
  • KonfigOS / ConfigOS utilities debugged. Now they work with everything :-)
  • Function added for adaption of hard coded ROM number in ROM files on disc. With checksum update. Needed for EPROMs

RASM v0.68 by Roudoudou, a multi platform assembler for Amstrad CPC


The last version of RASM is v0.68 (7th February 2018) :

- Morphos compatibility code
- some error messages modified
- breakpoint in snapshot with BRKC chunk for ACE emulator
- shorter splash text
- unused var cleanup
- includes or incbin in a disabled section won't warn anymore if file does not exists

The Origin of Football Manager and the game on the windows store by Kevin TOMS


Kevin TOMS is the original author of the game Football Manager edited by Addictive Games in 1982 on Amstrad CPC. This game made me work my english to understand all the texts inside.

After an Indiegogo project closed without reaching its goal, he continue to work on his book The origin of Football Manager.

Also, you can download on the web site of Kevin TOMS the game jeu Football Manager for mobile (iOS, Android), Kindle Fire, Windows and MacOS.

There is an interview with Kevin TOMS made by 60minuteswith.

Six videos of a game project in basic for Amstrad CPC by Patrice Brochard (french inside)


Patrice Brochard is working on a labyrinth game in basic for Amstrad CPC, and presents his work in several videos, 6 at the moment (french).

RASM v0.69 by Roudoudou, a multi platform assembler for Amstrad CPC


The last version of RASM is v0.69 (15th February 2018) :

  • added $ prefix for hex values
  • added 0xb prefix for binary values
  • added shifting operators << and >>
  • EDSK update/generation improvements (make backups before use!)

Arcade Game Designer v0.4 for Amstrad CPC by Jonathan Cauldwell


Arcade Game Designer v0.4 is an utility by Jonathan Cauldwell to make games on Timex/Next, ZX Spectrum and Amstrad CPC, without any knowing of programmation.

There is a forum on AGD.

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