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New update for PSPCAP32, an Amstrad CPC emulator for Sony PSP by ZX-81


PSPCAP32 par ZX-81 has again been updated, with now support for the green screen of the Amstrad CPC.

CPCGamesCD updated by MiguelSky (December 2007)


CPCGamesCD is a live CD with emulators and the Amstrad games collection of NVG by MiguelSky. It has been updated :

  • Frontend CPC Loader v2.0 beta by TroelsK and a lot of new features
  • NVG games update 06/11/2007
  • Snap-Pack with ALL the captures (3.491)
  • New version of CPCE (1.85) and WinApe (2.0a15) emulators
  • Improved categorization
  • Apps (utils/cpc) and Cartridg folders of NVG are now included

Late for Xmas, so happy good year 2008


It's a bit late for wishing you a merry christmas, so I will wish you a happy good year 2008 instead, and much CPCing.

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