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Remake of Sapiens by the original authors : Didier and Olivier Guillion


It has been ages since I last went on the web site of the 2 Guillion brothers, the authors of Sapiens. There is a newer (though not recent) version of their windows remake of this nice game, one of the few I finished on my Amstrad CPC. You should download this remake, for the music if only, but if you want to play it, dont forget the authors, it's a shareware for 10 € only.

screenshot of Sapiens for windows

the disk drive is dead, hail to the disk drive


Since the announce of the last french CPC meeting in May 209 organized by Eliot, I learned that he uses a disk drive replacement based on SD cards. But there are some others too, but one isnt finished atm, and for the 2 others, the most difficult part is to get one, unless you are good at making your own :

In fact, there is a 4th one, made by RAM7 based on USB key, that he showed to the last meeting, but I have no more informations about it.

Forest, an Amstrad CPC picture by Marlene Johansen (LuBlu Entertainment)


Marlene Johansen, one of the 2 members of LuBlu Entertainment (authors of the Amstrad CPC game Sort'Em), has drawn a nice picture on Amstrad CPC (mode 1, 4 colors) that you can see below, you will also find 2 others Amstrad CPC pictures on her web site.

screenshot of a forest by Marlene Johansen

GrafX v2.1 (bitmap editor)


An update of GrafX (v2.1) is available.

It's a bitmap paint program that allows to draw in more than 60 video resolutions (from 320x200, including most of the standard Amiga resolutions, provided your videocard knows how to handle them). It was written originally for DOS, but has been modified to use SDL and modern operating systems. Its layout is not very different from Deluxe Paint or Brilliance.

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