Web sites about fanzines on Amstrad computers

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links about Amstrad fanzines
ACBM - le Virus informatique site in german

ACBM is a french compagny which publish three computer newspapers :

- le Virus informatique, if you liked Hebdogiciel, you will like it,
- les Puces informatiques : free computer ads,
- Pirates.

Ali Gator site in german Claude Le Moullec web site, who wrote many Amstrad CPC games in french Amstrad newspaper
Amstrad Action site in english the defunct U.K. Amstrad CPC newspaper published by Future Publishing
Arkos site in englishsite in german a french demo group, you will find their productions (demos, the demoniak zine, utilities)
CPC Magazine Covers site in english you will find scanned covers of Amstrad Action (AA), Amstrad Computer User (ACU), Amtix!, and Computing with the Amstrad (CWTA), by Nicholas Campbell
CPC Oxygen site in english an online Amstrad newspaper, also with the Amstrad Action newspaper scanned issues
Futurs site in englishsite in german a french group which makes demos, Quasar the paper fanzine, games, utilities and hardware add-on such as the SoundPlayer (better sound on CPC, with Virtual Net 96 optionnal : network on Amstrad CPC)
Nich Campbell's Amstrad CPC home page site in english

Nicholas Campbell has created two web sites :

- CPC Games Reviews,
- CPC Magazine Covers.

You will find also issues of Otto, his Amstrad CPC disk zine and some of his other programs.
T.A.C.G.R. (The Amstrad CPC Games Ressource) site in english an HTML frontend for NVG, reviews, interviews, list of all Amstrad Action reviews, 464 manual in .PDF files
Wacci site in english

WACCI is an UK based user group that supports the Amstrad CPC computer. There was an printed magazine done, but not anymore. The current issues of the magazine are now reproduced on the website.

There is one older wacci site with some informations who could be not on the actual web site.