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The Dawn of Kernel by Reidrac is available


The Dawn of Kernel by Reidrac is a shooting game inspired by Cybernoid, Starquake, Jet Paco, and some more ideas. You can download it right now. It is available as a physical edition on Polyplay.

The Dawn of Kernel by Reidrac, web page is up, soon at Polyplay


The Dawn of Kernel by Reidrac is a shooting game inspired by Cybernoid, Starquake, Jet Paco, and some more ideas. The web page of the game is up (see above), and is already available as pre-order at Polyplay.

Babaliba for Amstrad CPC by ESP Soft, a WIP game


Babaliba is a game originally out on ZX Spectrum. In 2014 it was presented at the RetroMadrid in a beta version (check the video) still at the start. Then the development froze at a moment, but a message from one of the two developpers on the 10th February 2018 stated that the project is on the move once again and that news will be given as soon as possible.

Interview of Jorge Azpiri by Un pasado mejor


Jorge Azpiri, nephew of Alfonso Azpiri (a great illustrator who died in August 2017) has been interviewed by Un pasado mejor (spanish). He made the graphics for the Amstrad CPC Navy Moves game (Dinamic) and for other 16bit Topo Soft games (Lorna, Viaje al Centro de la Tierra, Titanic).

A WIP Toki Amstrad CPC 6128(+) game by AmstradGPP


A first teaser appeared on the 3th April on Twitter, and no it's not faked news. Toki is a work in progress by two frogs. It wwill be released first on Amstrad CPC 6128 (forget 64 Kb CPC without memory extension) then a bit later on CPC+.

Toki for Amstrad CPC wont use the hardware to the maximum but will have all graphics, monsters and levels. The sound part and programmation are well advanced.

Their twitter has messages in french, english and spanish !

Eight Amstrad CPC musics remixed on the Youtube channel OverClocked ReMix


I won't write eight different news, so head to OverClocked ReMix to listen to eight remix of Amstrad CPC musics : Robocop, Ghosts'n Goblins, Space Harrier, Cauldron 2, Arkanoid (2 remixes), Dizzy the adventurer and Lemmings.

Saboteur 3 WIP by Cliff Townsend


After a remake of Saboteur 1 and 2 for PC and MAC, and Saboteur! for Android (which takes place between Saboteur 1 and 2), Clive Townsend, the original author of Saboteur is working on Saboteur 3.

The free version of Saboteur 1 and 2 (PC, MAC) has limitations (time, no saving of scores and progression). The full version costs only 2,99 €.

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