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Two Amstrad CPC+ clones of Flappy Bird : Flappy Rulez v2 (Hermol) and Flappy UFO (Optimus)


Hermol has a new version out of Flappy Rulez for Amstrad CPC+.

Optimus (Dirty Minds) also released a clone of Flappy Bird : Flappy UFO. See the Yoututbe video below.

WIP v2 of the Outrun remake for PC by Barbarian 1987


F.L. (Barbarian 1987) just added the other cars in his Outrun remake. See the Youtube video of this new version.

loading screen of the Outrun Amstrad CPC game

Gauntlet invade the darkness, a reboot of gauntlet by Arrowhead


Gauntlet by Arrowhead is a reboot of the 1st gauntlet, available in 1985 on Amstrad CPC. Online gaming up to 4 players will be available, with the warrior, valkyrie, elf and wizard.

It will be available the 3rd september 2014.

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Celebrating the 30 Years of the Amstrad CPC 464 by Xyphoe on Youtube (and guests)


In this special hour long video Xyphoe celebrates the 30 years Of the Amstrad CPC 464 (released to the public on the 21st June 1984). You will find everything you ever needed to know about the Amstrad CPC 464 !

From its development history, success and sales, (most importantly) gaming and to it's lasting legacy! With some additional help, insight and reminiscing from special guests and friends of Xyphoe where they remember their first memories of the machine, how successful it was in comparison to it's competitors, most memorable and favourite games and finally their lasting impression of this plucky underdog !

A new Amstrad CPC music disk by SuTeKH (Epyteor) : Boulder Dash


Boulder Dash by SuTeKH (Epyteor) is a new Amstrad CPC music disk. Other music disks by SuTeKH :

  • Now That's What I Call Chip Tunes 1 (2011)
  • Now That's What I Call Chip Tunes 2 - Preview (2011)
  • Some More CHIPTUNES (2012)
  • This Musicdisk Is About 20% Cooler (2012)

loading screen of the Amstrad CPC music disk Boulder Dash

Superhop, a 4th Amstrad CPC intro by gOblinish (Dmitry Krapivin) in 512 bytes


Superhop is the 4th Amstrad CPC intro written by gOblinish in 512 bytes, which gives you real time fractals.

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